★ Done with Finals

I’M DONE!!!! took my vibrations final yesterday morning. i dont want to say it was easy, cause when i say that, it usually ends up that i did bad. so im going to say that it was REALLY hard. after my final, i paid a visit to dar since i only get to see her twice a month. after a two hour nap, rochelle and i head out to brea mall since we’re so tired of the malls here. we went to check out hollister, a new clothing store owned by the people who own abercrombie. its kind of like abercrombie meets west coast lifestyle, its pretty cool. i got a banana jacket for $50 bucks and a shirt from hollister. we got hungry so we went to the hat. pretty good stuff, better than yer usual burger stand. so its back to my place and edward, mark and joseph drop by to chill and “warm” my new place…err actually just my room. Letterman, Leno, Conan, then its time to sleep…

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