★ Julie, Real World New Orleans


today started off like any other day. wake up, eat breakfast, take a shower. i then went with rochelle to do her homework, which was to take pictures of stuff for her photography class. pretty damn cool considering all the work my homework consists of solving crazy continuity equations. on our way to HB, we witnessed a rear end take place. we saw the whole thing happen before our eyes. kinda shook us up.

so we get to downtown HB. and while chelle is taking pictures i look up and i see julie from the real world new orleans walking down the street! im like, no way, that cant be her…what the heck is she doing in southern california? so we follow her into the quiksilver store. i swear she knew we were stalking her. she could tell we were starstruck. after stalking her throughout the store, chelle had the courage to go up and talk to her. we found out it WAS her! julie is such a nice person! we talked for like 5 minutes and it wasnt like small talk crap. she commented on my finch shirt and she also told us she was anemic. she also showed us how you can tell! and since rochelle was doing her photography homework, we had a camera on hand, so we took a picture with her! on black and white film too! all in all, she was really cool about it, even though im sure she gets that all the time.

k thats all.

★ Fixit Tickets and Windows XP


ive had it coming for awhile now…but i got pulled over for having clear rear turn signals. the funny thing about this whole thing is that i was pulled over by the same officer who pulled rochelle over. for almost the same reason, but she got pulled over for burnt out license plate lights. and after talking to tan, we found out he got pulled over for the same reason, probably by the same officer. dammit officer caruso, im sure your shifts could be better spent protecting the city of irvine from its rampant gangs instead of handing out fix it tickets.


took me awhile to figure it out, but i upgraded to windows XP. it LOOKS nice, but i still have to see if it really is all that its cracked up to be.

★ Weekend in LA


went to pomona fairplex for the la computer fair. got myself a cd writer/dvd rom combo. for only 120. thats 60 bucks for each thing that it does. excellent deal. rochelle got a web cam. she can finally live out her american pie dreams. haha. then i went to westwood to watch becoming nsync. then…i dont remember what else happened when we got back to joes apt. everyone…alcohol is BAD!


i bought my first dvds today. i got the matrix and boiler room. now i just need to buy blank cds, then im set. time for fluids…fuck.

★ Productive?

weird…today was a really productive day. if i could only do this everyday of my life…

first of all, i show up EARLY for work. i turned in my homework EARLY. i didnt just slack off at work. stayed awake in all my classes. went directly to the library after class. resisted the temptation to drink to finish my lab write up EARLY. what the heck is going on…

★ Another Recap


the ONE cool thing that happened that day…i saw a ferrari 550 on the street. it was a silver convertible. i didnt see it on a website, or in a magazine, but out in public making a left hand turn from university drive onto culver. i was speechless. that car is worth more than my house. insane.


had a quiz. i did well. got my paycheck. more money into the pot. 2 more problems to do in fluids. thatll be cake. three day weekend coming up. yay. today is the 16th day of the 1st month of the year.

later that night…

went to bjs for dinner with rochelle. had the beer sampler. bjs has some of the best beer. i tried 4 of their beers for 3.95. not bad i think. took the scenic route home. took a food induced nap. now i wont be able to sleep. oh yea…one last thing. UCI needs more than one freaking Washington Mutual ATM. during peak times, the line can be up to 10 minutes long…even longer when people have to make deposits or dont even know how to use ATMs. ok…thats all. good night.

★ Westwood


orange county is boring. all there is to do here is shop at the numerous malls or eat out. so rochelle and i went to la. the la auto show was our first stop. 3 halls to go through. 1 hall is as big as the SD auto show, so this one’s 3 times as big. my picks: aston martin vanquish and vantage, mb c32 amg, bmw m5, bmw m3, mb sl 500, nissan 350z…i could go on forever…

we stop by westwood and visit francis. relaxtation, diddy reise, and jack in the box. we ran into some drunk person on our walk back to the apt. he was talking about how when hes drunk, he has some fetish for darting out in front of passing cars. anyways, we pass some girl on her cell phone and this guy just takes it from her and starts running with it. while hes running, a car pulls out from a driveway, and he jumps and rolls on the hood and keeps running. very amusing…we dont get this stuff in irvine.


target, irvine city auto parts, a cat humping a ball of yarn, fluid dynamics…weekends are too short.

★ Week 1


first official day of class…worked later till 9…so in less than a week, ive worked almost 25 hours…too tired to do anything that night


finally after 4 years at this damn university, i get to finally play with crap in a lab! i had MAE 106 today, and i can already tell that im going to enjoy this class…work again as usual…then had breakfast for dinner with rochelle…she made a spam and egg sandwich, while i made an omelette with turkey sandwich meat, mushrooms and cheese…leno then conan then sleep


no work today…best buy and target for cameras, dvds and dvd roms…1hr nap, then teriyaki salmon…stay tuned….

★ A New Quarter = Annoying Questions


i hate starting another quarter. it also sux when it happens to be at the beginning of the month. so along with books, you have to pay for rent and bills and crap. there goes my christmas money and the money i made from the two weeks i worked during break.

im also going to hate running into people i barely know and all the small talk associated with it. i can imagine it already…”how was your break?”, “what did you do for christmas/new years?”, “howd you do last quarter”, and “what are you taking this quarter?”. oh, and theres the question, as a 4th year, that ive been getting a lot as the year progresses, “are you graduating this year?”

good thing i can tolerate things that annoy me…

★ Resolutions

Happy 2002 everyone…

my new years resolutions:
1. motivation
2. discipline
3. patience

in everything i do…