★ Tools of the Trade


an associate of mine has delivered the components necessary for me to take over the world. ok, maybe not take over the world, but to create websites like the pros. barely a week after i started to learn html, one of my best friends, joseph hill, delivered flash 4, dreamweaver 3, and fireworks3 to my doorstep. along with photoshop 5 (thank you very much rochelle!), i have almost all the tools i need to potentially create some professional looking websites. once illustrator is in my hands (hook it up chelle, please?), i will have all the necessary tools. this DOES NOT mean that i will produce an award winning website tomorrow; i still go to school. once summer rolls around, and i have more free time, who knows? i might know enough stuff to open up an internet mall (haha). BIG thanks goes out to joe and rochelle, i owe you guys. when i take over the world, ill be sure to take you two with me.

oh, francis and mirabel, you can come too.



have i mentioned this yet? ive decided to learn html, hypertext markup language. the reactions have ranged from, “html?!?! thats too hard!” to “good!”, “im impressed”, and “whats html?” i felt less of a man whenever i updated my site using homestead (click and drag, woohoo!). so i bought a book for $3.99 and started reading it last tuesday. its actually not that hard, you just have to get used to it. ive learned the basics about headers and tags and im getting used to text, colors, pictures and links. im still kinda shaky on the placement of everything once its coded, but not bad for less than a week of on and off reading. all this is in preparation for YLJ v3.0, which will be coded entirely in html. check out the site, currently at version 2.2. the splash page is pure html and the blog template is a default one with some changes to the layout and colors. there are those of you that might say, “big freakin whoop jay. there are 9 year olds out there that can kick your ass at coding cause they learned html when they were 2”. to those people i say, they can probably kick your ass too.

what was the purpose of this blog anyways?

oh yea, how does the blog template look? ahhh, who am i kidding…i know of only one person who actually reads these. HI ROCHELLE!

★ Weekend Update


my partner in crime and i had a night out on the town. ok not really, but heres what we did. since it was friday, we went to wahoos fish taco at crystal court to eat. we stopped by the apple store, then we ordered. i had a fish burrito and 24 oz fosters (austrailian for beer). i got a free CD too. chelle had a fish teriyaki bowl and nachos. we headed over to blockbuster and bought some used DVDs. i got the fast and the furious, and chelle got american pie 2 and memento. memento is a movie about a man with anteroretrograde amnesia. its an ingenious way of telling a story and a movie i am definitely going to watch again. after a good buzz, its time to crash


as we all know, OC is boring so rochelle and i spent the afternoon in LA. after lunch at roscoes, we took sunset blvd. across the city. the coolest thing we saw? an absolut billboard ad. we headed over to a photo supply shop (the original purpose of our trip), got what we needed, and endured the drive home with the mandatory LA traffic. chelle goes home, and so do i to type this….

★ Valentine’s Day, Vegas and More Updates

holy crap its been a week since ive blogged. heres what ive been up to…


valentines day. instead of being traditional, i skipped the flowers, i ignored the candy, hell, i didnt even bother to make reservations. sometimes the most thoughtful things mean the most, so i thought to myself, what would mean the most to my special someone? so instead of going out and seeing hundreds of couples that night, we stayed in, and had a simple, homemade, candlelit dinner. on the menu, teriyaki salmon with lime, fettucine alfredo and white wine, with beethoven mp3s in the background. my own little italian restaurant. dinner turned out delicious. thank you chelle for my new inspiring photo.


leave for vegas. every year for the past four years, mr. hill and i have gone to las vegas for chinese new year. we go and run around different hotels carrying a dragon and we get paid. pretty cool huh.


i think i had my longest day ever today. i spent over 15 hours away from my place. im exhausted and things arent going so well.

ps. sources close to me say that work has begun on You Love Jay v3.0. plans are in the early stages of development, but ill let you know as soon as i hear more about it.

★ Midterms


study for fluids midterm
study for materials quiz


fluids midterm
finish materials hw


mechatronics lab
study for materials midterm


materials midterm
buy groceries, do laundry, clean room

this has been an insane past 4 days, but ive weathered the storm. today is ash wednesday and i decided to not watch tv, stop complaining, and stop cursing during lent to try to make me into an even better person. going to vegas this weekend with joe, mira and francis. happy chinese new year. rochelle and her friends will also be in vegas celebrating jills 21st bday.

5 more weeks…

★ Westin Long Beach


went to the long beach westin to have dinner with rochelle and her mom. seems like her mom is a very important person. all this stuff to do and take care of. bought lotto tickets. rochelle and her mom owe me a car if they win. start studying for fluids midterm. fluids exhibits a pressure drop from two points (it sucks). took a break and went to tapioca express. place where all the irvine fobs hang out. del taco, then its back to newtonian fluids and incompressible flows. good luck me…

★ MAE 106


MAE 106 midterm. eh, i know i couldve done better. good thing its only 25% of our final grade. our labs have more weight on it, so i guess ill have to depend on my labs and the final to pull at least a B. played ball at middle earth. i hope im not getting old, but im having a hard time keeping up with those first years. how pathetic. dunno why, but ive been feeling kinda out of it lately, sorry kids.


waiting for chelle to get off work…

★ The Block, La Jolla, 360

sorry, but ive been busy the past couple days…i forgot what i did last week, so heres my weekend.


after work, i went to the block with edward, joseph, and mark. ed fixed his phone, and mark got some dickies. oh, and we went to megaburger before that. hung out with rochelle for about an hour, then headed home for san diego


rochelle came down to visit. we used up the last of our AE gift cards, and went to la jolla to take some pictures for her photography class. i was showing her some of the crazy houses in la jolla when we come across a black on black ferrari 360 spyder. there are no words, in ANY language, to describe the way this car looks, feels and sounds. me and another onlooker coax the driver to floor the accelerator while he left. it didnt take much coaxing. a 360 spyder at full throttle sounds like no other car/machine on this earth. it blends the low rumble of a V8 with the high pitched wail of an F1 inspired race engine. utterly amazing. those crazy italians…
hmm…everytime i go with shellie on her homework escapades, i meet or see something famous or awe inspiring. cool.


went to church, saw the last play of the super bowl, did laundry, drive back to irvine.