★ Gone For 3 Months

holy crap, its been almost three weeks since ive posted…heres why…

after about 3 months of living at parkwood, i found out that the lease was going to expire. my roommate said that they were raising the rent almost 300 bucks. that would be an extra 100 dollars added to my rent. so instead of renewing, i went back to where i was before….edward and marks living room. and since im in the living room, no internet connection. at least for now.

finals are finished. winter quarter kicked my ass. the last two weeks of the quarter, i lived at the science library and the engineering labs. i think i failed fluids (lets hope i didnt), we got our car to steer for 106, and 150 wasnt that bad. i will get revenge on winter quarter next quarter.

i went to the record release party for finch at house of blues. my first “small” live show. i loved it. i like them better than those big concerts where only lawn seats are available.

spring break. but it rained today. what the hell?


with all this time on my hands, its time to get crackin on my site. and im proud to say that its finally up. its not YLJ v3.0/ABSOLUT JAY, but its a huge leap from what it was before, even though some of you cant tell. its a huge leap in my opinion at least. heres what i did.

-the entire site is coded in html, by myself. no more sitebuilder.

-i included some javascript. hence the new windows with no toolbars and scroll bars.

-experimented with frames. im just learning, so its really unrefined, but i really wanted it in there.

i just have to learn more about photoshop and practice more with html, then i can take this web designing hobby more seriously…

★ More Site Updates

later on

i got freaking bored, so what else do i do? update my site, of course. the updates have been coming fast and furious. currently at v2.4, i basically translated everything, except the home page, into html, and uploaded it onto tripod, hence the banner ads at the top. took me about an hour. not bad. once i learn about tables and stuff, ill convert the home page.

★ Three Counties

san diego

the move wasnt that bad…the only big things i had were the tv and microwave. did some laundry, and ate some food. then, i had to leave the next day to finish up my moving.

orange county

got back to irvine. got ready for a night out. surveyed the moving situation. the bed is going to be the hardest thing.


miyagis on sunset. spent 2 hours “eating” so we could sneak the under 21-ers into the place. alcohol is expensive. cant do that for awhile.

three counties in one day. first southern california. next, the world…

★ Packing, Practice and Tickets


moving some stuff back to san diego tonight. i have to move AGAIN. its a long story, so dont ask. thanks edward and mark. we’ll kick that other guy out soon enough. let me see…

-played around with fireworks and came up with a new title page for my existing website and title for my upcoming website. check it out here.

-last night, went with chelle to pick up more tools for our take over of the world. its a small world, so it wont be that hard. so we’ll do it later.

-starting line got sold out, but we got our finch tickets.