★ SoCo, PCH and More Studying

sorry for the low frequency of my updates, but the reality is, i just dont have that much time anymore. heres what happened so far this weekend.


something corporate and unwritten law for free, student center lawn. i was amazed how many people came out. yea, they were there to see unwritten law, but i was surprised that a lot of people knew who something corporate was. after dirtying my shoes and elbowing chelle on the nose, we had to get out of the pit. i was suprised how many people knew the words to most of their songs. once they played iF U C jordan, EVERYONE knew the words since it got heavy airplay on KROQ. im not into unwritten law that much, but since they were more popular than SoCo, everyone else got into their set. and geez, was it a LONG set. i had to go pee so we didnt stay for the whole thing. i heard what i wanted to hear, so it was ok that we left early. overall, a fun day. oh yea, rochelle got RAM. oh and we ate at islands too.


met up with joe in lower OC. had a chat for almost 3 hours. it was such a nice day, i decided to take PCH all the way back to lake forest. i must say, i like orange county. i know some people hate it, but its way better than where im from. i passed through beach towns, nice expensive homes on hills, canyons, and long stretches of road where it was just me, the sun and the waves. after some exploring, i found my way back to my living room. driving…very relaxing. you should try it. came home to a dinner all prepared. had some really good salmon teriyaki and fetuccini alfredo. as the days go by, i see us becoming more and more like each other….


gotta finish up MATLAB and study for a quiz in heat transfer. stayed tuned.

-later on

found out MATLAB isnt due until Wed. yay us. good night.

★ SUVs, HDDs and Studying

yea, i know its been awhile since ive posted, but dammit, im busy. i cant remember all thats happened since the last time ive posted, but ill try my best. crap, i cant…i remember going back to SD this past weekend and that was alright. oh yea. our family got a new 4runner sr5 sport edition. very nice. almost makes me want to get an SUV. almost. and today, i just quadrupled the storage capacity of my computer. i bought a maxtor 60gig 7200rpm for (minus rebates plus tax) about $110. not bad. just need the XP disk and some free time and then ill put that sucker in. spent almost 7 hours at the library today just to not even finish 5 problems. i do hope this engineering degree will pay off some day. thats about it. oh yea, happy 21st mira and happy 16th chellezipan.

★ Computer Show and Cha for Tea


-joe and mira came by. went to the computer show in costa mesa. not worth going to. its only a quarter of the size of the pomona show. i did manage to pick up some extra RAM. then we picked up rochelle and had dinner at mugen. joe and i split a bunch of sushi and rochelle had her favorite, grilled salmon teriyaki. hung out at rochelles apt for a couple hours. at around 11, they left for LA. rochelle and i rushed to cha for tea before they closed for some shaved ice. got hooked up with a free shaved ice. a little surfing and studying, then its time to crash. but i knew we forgot something…

★ No Complete Sentences


winter qtr 2002
-mae 150: C+
-mae 106: B-
-mae 130b: B

spring qtr 2002
-mae 120
-mae 145
-mae 170
-17hrs/week work

this blog
-no complete sentences