★ Glasshouse and Star Wars Episode II


went to the glasshouse in pomona to see autopilot off, brand new, the starting line, and finch. never been to this venue, so i was excited. i had heard about autopilot off, but never really listened to their stuff. after their 30 min set, i was converted. i really liked nothing frequency. then brand new was next. i only knew 2 of their songs and they were ok live. up next was starting line. i was waiting to see them live for months. to say i was amazed is an understatement. the lead singer, just shy of his 18th birthday, had so much stage presence despite being so young. they played all the songs anyone could want to hear, even the cover they did off of “punk goes pop”. they closed with “cheek to cheek” and it they rocked so hard, i think one of them bloodied their nose from throwing their guitar around. finally finch came up, and i was kind of disappointed. i saw them at house of blues in anaheim. their performance there was excellent, and i was expecting the same this time around. but i knew it was gonna be an enduring set since the volume was WAY to loud. so loud that everything was just distorted and you couldnt tell a guitar riff from screaming. so loud you couldnt tell what song they were playing until you heard the lyrics. id say that the starting line and autopilot off stole the show.


Star Wars Episode II at fox theater in westwood! master yoda kicks ass! BJs!!! 3rd street promenade!!! 30% off at JCrew!!! what a day…the full west LA experience in 7 hours.