★ Graduation Party


went out to the beach for the first time during my “official” summer. it wasnt bad…water was warm and somewhat decent waves. went to west covina for maybelle’s graduation feast. went with the roommates all the way to west covina. it was pleasant and much needed. even though we weren’t family, the family “atmosphere” gave me a pseudo sense of being home. ate some good food, and had a couple beers with the “pares”. drove all the way back to lake forest, to relax. and write this. hey, ill be like those “cool” livejournal people….

current mood: relaxed
current music: konstantine – something corporate

p.s. i got a domain name, www.alphaq619.tk

★ Spring Quarter Wrap Up


i just realized its been an eternity since i last posted. lets see what happened…

  • i survived another quarter
  • i survived another finals week
  • rochelle turned 21 (be sure to check out the new design, its impressive…blows my site away)
  • lots of friends graduated

so im taking summer school and working this summer. and yes, im staying in irvine this summer. and no i didnt graduate. any other questions?