★ Weekend in SD

this weekend i went home, lets see what happened…


not much action going on that day. i dont think i even left the house.


my brother turned 20 today. the whole extended family had lunch at peohe’s in coronado. it was the same restaurant my friends and i ate at for prom. i had angel hair pasta with rock shrimp. francis had a corona with grenadine. the waitress had to ask twice when he ordered it. enjoyed the view of downtown for a couple minutes before heading back home. after washing my car, i met up with joe and mira at hooters in mission valley. after some beer and wings, i head back to lake forest.

★ Espanol

i got my spanish test back today. i got an 89. not bad for my first spanish test in over 4 years, but i know i couldve done better if i studied more. lets see what i did this weekend.


went to newport since i havent been to the beach in about a week. horrible conditions…no sun with choppy, inconsistent sets. not much fun at all.


headed out to the pier at huntington beach to meet up with pat and francis. definitely made up for the day before. the sun was out, there were decent waves, and got to hang out with two friends i rarely see.

other than that, ive been working on the new site, and been hanging out with rochelle every chance i get.

random thought: who came up with the saying, “kill two birds with one stone”? im not fond of killing birds (unless theyre pigeons), so i tried to come up with another way of saying that. how bout, “cut down two trees, with one saw”? can you think of one???

ps. heres a little preview of the new layout….

★ Summer Update

as you might have noticed, the only thing that remains from YLJ v2.5 is the blog. i believe that by doing this, it will make me work on the much anticipated ABSOLUT JAY. although i promised that it would be done by the summer, more realistically, it should be done before school starts in the fall. you may also have noticed that the template is rather bland. this is also in preparation for the redesign of my site.

i forgot to mention, i finally have a room. the chinese have left and i took his place. although its cool having a room finally, the comic relief provided by the “chinese” will be missed.

summer school started. espanol dos a IVC. im liking it so far…its a refreshing break from the usual engineering crap that i have to endure.

to be continued….

current mood: lazy
current music: The Starting Line – Piano Song

later, the guys and i go to yard house for a couple cervezas. nothing exciting. a little more studying and some counterstrike before i go to bed.

★ Santa Barbara

-july 4th weekend i spent in santa barbara. joe mira and rochelle drove up for a bbq at ellen’s new apt. the night of july 4th was crazy. drank nonstop for 6 hours. IV is nothing compared to anything we have down here. something every college student who likes to have fun must experience. hopefully i will have pictures up soon to prove i was actually there.

oh yea, i updated my site a little. make sure you check out the rollovers.

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