★ August Update


Ryan’s 23rd birthday at BJ’s

happy engineers ryan and aileen


Dave and Buster’s @ The Block

francis, hannah, jay, rochelle long island and blue hawaii virtual reality


Free concert with Homegrown, The Starting Line and Something Corporate

the starting line homegrown


Released Absolut Jay (beta version) to the unsuspecting world

Absolut Jay

what did you do this weekend???

★ Goodbye Hard Drive

i started up my computer this morning. normal POST, both hard drives spinning up, type in my password. as soon as the hard drives reach maximum rotational speed, i hear a loud, constant grinding. my reaction was calm. my secondary drive, my original hard drive, was reaching the end of its life. i knew IBMs were notorious for their failure rate, so it did not surprise me. so i shut down my computer as fast as i could. i started it back up…normal sounds. a sigh of relief. ill see how long before it starts making noises again. its one of the few remaining components from the original configuration of my computer. to throw it away would be a waste as it serves as the backup drive for my entire mp3 collection. *crossing my fingers*…

★ Swimming with Dolphins


went to newport for the second day in a row. picture this: as i was paddling out, a swell is making its way towards the shore. as the wall starts to form and the wave starts to break on itself, i see within the wave, the silhouettes of two dolphins swimming parallel to the shore. i thought i was seeing things, but my sighting was confirmed by two other swimmers who also saw the dolphins. if i only had a waterproof digital camera…