★ LSA Open House

Today Rochelle and I were invited to attend the open house of LSA Associates, Inc. Rochelle’s brother, Noel, invited her and I tagged along as usual. We arrive and are greeted by a large amount of food and drink, including assorted beers and wines. We were surprised to find out that all the food and beer were free. Yup, it cost us nothing. They even had 3 chefs behind a pasta bar. You tell the chef what kind of pasta you want, and he’d make it for you. For free. I had seafood fettucine alfredo, some jumbo shrimp, calzones, and 2.5 coronas. For free. Cool huh?

★ Black Sunday

Every Sunday of welcome week, the fraternity houses at UCLA are open to anyone and everyone to have a good time. “Having a good time” usually consists of dancing with lots of alcohol. For the past 3 years, I’ve gone to Black Sunday and every year Gayley is flooded with hundreds and hundreds of college students. I managed to get a video clip of the corner of Strathmore and Gayley. Too bad we didn’t get to get into any of the houses. There’s always next year.

★ Summer Home Stretch

This week I went home to San Diego to take a week off and relax before starting school again.

  • On Monday I helped my brother move his stuff to LA. Also I helped a certain poophead move her stuff into another room.
  • Tuesday, I bought a new heatsink/fan for my CPU. It’s more quiet and does a better job of keeping my processor cool. So cool, in fact, that i tried overclocking my CPU. I’ve got it all the way up to about 850mHz (113×7.5) from 750mHz (100×7.5). I’m shooting for 900mHz although I’ve read that some people have actually hit 1 gHz.
  • Wednesday was beach day. I went with Ed, Joseph, Romeo, CJ, Susan, and Maybelle to Newport Beach. Later, it was time for our quarterly staff meeting at Gina’s Pizza. I got a Clive backpack for being employee of the quarter. =)

In one week, I begin my final year at UCI. I can’t believe I made it this far. Seriously. After my D’s in lower division classes and my D in my first upper division class, there were many times where I have doubted whether I can graduate or not, much less as an engineer. But after getting through last year (barely), I have every reason to believe that I can get through this one.

★ Goodbye Hard Drive: An Update

Last night, another component from my beloved computer reached the end of its life. I brought my computer home to San Diego and I connected the mouse, keyboard, moniter, etc. About 5 seconds after I turn the power on, I hear a *pop* and a waft of dust rise from the back of my computer. I knew it was my power supply since it had given me problems before (overheating). I also could smell the burnt silicon coming from the PSU when I opened up my case. So today, I bought a name brand, Antec 300W power supply to replace my old one. I put it in, started it up and everything works. =)

Thank God my motherboard and, more importantly, my hard drives weren’t fried along with the PSU.