★ Christmas 2002

I totally forgot…

Christmas came and went. Here is what I received.

  • Motorola V60i (parents)
  • Back To The Future DVDs (Auntie Eppie and Uncle Manny)
  • E.T. DVD (Mom)
  • 2003 Charger Girl Calendar (Tiffany)
  • iSee and iRock (brother)
  • Cash (various)
  • Clothes (various)

Here’s what I gave.

  • Logitech Cordless Elite Duo (brother)
  • Sony 5 disc Progressive Scan DVD Player (parents)
  • UC Irvine Grandparent sweater (grandmother)

Thank you and you’re welcome to everyone.

★ Missing Her

Grades came out on Friday and I did pretty well. My GPA last quarter was 3.2. For the first time since spring quarter of 2001, my quarterly GPA was at least a 3.0. The last time it was over a 3.0 was my very first quarter of my college career when it was 3.4. One more statistic: my GPA last quarter was my best quarterly GPA when taking all engineering courses.

While in the Philippines, Rochelle ran into a franchise of restaurants named after me. I can’t wait until she gets back. My phone doesn’t ring as often as it used to.

Two shopping days left…

★ My Winter Break

I’m spending the first week of my winter break working for extra money. Shelley bought us L&L; for lunch today. One of the few perks of working at Supplies. Rochelle is spending her break in the Philippines, so I don’t know what to do with myself. She tells me she’s having a good time.

“let me tell you, im in paradise. i found it. jay, you would love it here. the water is clear as clear can be and the sand is gorgeous white. i have never ever been to anywhere so beautiful and i only wish you could see it too.”

It’s raining here.

★ Fall Quarter, Done.

Holy crap, blogging two days in a row?!?! Yesterday was the last day of instruction of my last fall quarter at UCI. Compared to any of my quarters last year, this quarter was child’s play. Not once did I stay at the library until it closed. Not once did I spend more than 12 hours on campus like I did last year. Heck, I don’t even think I stayed longer than 9 hours. The latest I stayed I think was 10pm. And it happened only once. Not once did I have two homework assignments both due on the same day (yes, I did check). I’m not trying to brag or anything by stating this, but I feel it’s much deserved considering what I DID go through last year.

One quarter down, 2 more to go…

★ Thanksgiving

So it’s a week late, but here is what I did with my digital camera over Thanksgiving break. Just to give you an idea how great it was.



So the first two pictures are the pictures I took of Thanksgiving dinner, and the rest are shots of my dog in all her ferocious glory.