★ Cold Hands

Don’t you hate it when you surf the web so much that your right hand gets all cold from moving the mouse so fast all over the place??

★ Anniversaries and Birthdays

The 16th came and went and we celebrated by eating at The Fish Market. It’s cool to finally see one in Irvine. There’s already three locations in San Diego. Their claim to fame is their fresh fish; so fresh, the menu is printed twice a day depending on what fish the fishermen bring. Good stuff.

After, we head to Live Bait (18 and up = bleh)to celebrate three people’s birthdays. Joe, Mira and Francis were also there. I had 1 Long Island, 1 Sex on the Beach, 1 Three Wise Men, 1 Corona. Not too drunk, not too sober…just right.

The next day, I went to ARI to take a tour of the site. This quarter, 3 other students and I will be working all quarter to maximize the efficiency of their drive axle remanufacturing line. Not your normal upper division class.

After this quarter, 1 more class to go…