★ The Switch

So for those of you that don’t know and for those of you that care, I switched. From Luna to Aqua, from Whistler to Jaguar, from XP to OS X, from Microsoft to Apple. I made the switch when my parents helped me buy an 867 MHz 12″ Powerbook G4.

The Powerbook comes with all the software I need in a laptop. It comes with a mail client, iTunes, iPhoto, iCal and iChat. With Microsoft Office v.X, I can work on documents from my mac to my PC seamlessly.

The Powerbook is a work of art. The exterior is anodized aluminum and the keyboard matches the exterior. It has a slot loading DVD/CDRW. The exterior is completely smooth and all the ports are flush so nothing can snag on them. The 12″ Powerbook is extremely small and is very easy to transport. It has a footprint the size of a piece of paper and is only 4.6 pounds. With an AirPort Extreme card, I can stay connected anywhere I go.

Get yours today!