★ One Year Ago

This blog thing is cool. I’ve been doing it for awhile, and sometimes I check out the archives. It’s fun to see what I’ve done and where I’ve been. I also notice the gaps in the archives. Certain weeks where I didn’t blog at all and it makes me wonder why I couldn’t blog at the time. Notably the week of my birthday last year. Anyways, here is what was going on in my life at this time last year.

I distinctly remember that weekend. The SoCo/UL concert. Drinking Smirnoff Ice before walking there. It was kind of cold that day. Driving to San Clemente. The weather that day was a complete turnaround from the day before. That was one of the reasons why I took the long way home. Everyone should take the long way home whenever they can. And don’t even remind me about heat transfer, control systems, and theory of machines.

Seemed like only yesterday. I wonder where I’ll be next year.

★ Sleeping Habits

So my sleeping habits have changed. I’ve been sleeping at 3am consistently for about a week and a half. I can contribute this to 3 main things. I start my Mondays, Wednesdays, and my Fridays at 11am. I tend to stay up later when I don’t have to wake up as early. Ever since I got my laptop, I can stay on campus indefinitely. If you know me, I NEED access to a computer and the internet. Not just any computer, MY computer. I can’t live without either. But now that I have a laptop with wireless capabilities, I can stay on campus without going home. Since I stay on campus longer, I can finish homework sooner, and that opens up more free time. So with that time, I work out. So now, I don’t get home until 1am or so. A little late night snack, some TV, and a blog…and before you know it….

it’s 3am…

★ Wireless Blogging

Check it out, my first wireless blog. I’m here over at Science Library, 2nd floor. The wireless coverage map of the library posted online is a bit off. I get little to no reception on floors 4 to 6, but it says all three floors are covered. *shrug* Anyways, I’m on 2nd floor where i get full reception.

Took the EIT this past Saturday. 8 hours of engineering fun! I got home and took a nap from 6pm to 10pm.

It’s raining, and while I’d rather be inside, it’s kinda cool dressing up for “colder” weather. I say “colder” since it’s relative to Southern California. You haven’t felt cold until you feel east coast cold.

Enough procrastination, back to my lab…

★ Boston

Yea yea…it’s been awhile since you’ve heard from me. Well I went to Boston for spring break. I’ll try to get pictures of that trip up soon. I’m itching for a redesign, so look out for that too. Until then…