★ It’s Alive

The car is running. It works albeit some minor problems. Victory lap around Aldrich Park. Will post pictures soon. 12 hours working on the car today. Good job everyone.

★ Group Interview

I spent the first half of my day in Redondo Beach for an on site interview at Northrop Grumman. It was an organized event and there were about 12 of us going to be interviewed. They started off with some background info on the company and we jumped right into the interviews. After the interviews, we went on a tour looking at different satellites TRW (which was acquired by Northrop Grumman recently) has worked on. We even met someone who taught Neil Armstrong over at Purdue. After lunch, they “split” us up into 2 groups. Basically, yes we’re interested and we’re sorry, but we have no positions for you. I was in the latter group, BUT as we all got up to leave, I was pulled aside by the HR lady and she said something to the effect of, “…although we don’t have a position here for you in subcontracting…with your technical background…I will pass your resume on to another department…mechanical design…engineering….” I didn’t get the job, but I somehow left feeling that I haven’t heard the last from Northrop Grumman.

To be continued…

★ Wireless Apartment

I got a wireless router for the apartment. As I type this, I’m enjoying Late Night with Conan O’Brien. That’s all. What a lame post.

★ Bike Scene

My suspension is done…almost…we missed the competition…so long, Provo…lived out all 24 hours of my birthday…Taiko…40 oz to freedom and mudslides…handicapped parking…so sorry…Tapioca Express…no brown Sentra wagons please…thanks to everyone that remembered…Jurassic 5…rolling rocks…

“I want to hate you so bad, but I can’t…”

Taking Back Sunday

★ The Story So Far

I can’t remember the time or placeOr what you were wearing
It’s unclear about how we met
All I know it was the best conversation that I’ve ever had
Till this day I’ve never found someone
With eyes as wide as yours
I’ve been searching up and down this coast
Overlooking what i need the most….

Did you notice I was afraid?
I thought I’d run out of things to say,
Two more hours until today burns this away,
and it starts all over again,
The sky will never look the same again
Until you show me how it could be.