★ Fonts

During the redesign of the site, one of the things I had to consider was which font or fonts to use. I had been using Verdana for awhile, and even though it is a great font, I wanted something different. I didn’t want something too drastic and I wanted to stay with a sans-serif font. I chose the default font for OS X. The font Apple uses for all the windows, menu bars, and most applications in OS X is Lucida Grande. Windows does not have it installed but you can download it here. If Lucida Grande is not installed on a particular computer, the main content and the navigation bar text will show up in Verdana anyway. Lucida is a real pleasing font to look at and it is a good change from Verdana. Apple uses it for everything, from their OS to their website, and they are well known for presenting the user with a friendly, easy to look at experience. It’s better than Trebuchet, which is what those other guys use.

Rochelle is in Canada for a wedding until Sunday, so with all this time, I’ve been moving all of my things out of the apartment and back to my parents’ house in San Diego. All this packing and lifting reminded how much time and effort it takes to move. It’s even more disheartening to know that I will probably be moving all that stuff again since I do not plan on staying in San Diego for long. All my friends and all the people I would want to hang out with are here in OC or LA. Being in San Diego would be comparable to solitary confinement. OK, that’s a stretch but you know what I mean.

Hurry home shellie…

★ Newport Beach

Can you believe it’s been a week since I’ve gone to the beach? That’s way too long to be away. Granted, the weather hasn’t been that nice, but the sun has come back out and is starting to get hot again. I checked the conditions over at Newport: 2-4 ft. with fair conditions, water temps in the low 70s. That is almost hot by Southern California standards. I remember last year, I got excited when it was mid to upper 60s. Yay for global warming.

★ Song of the Week

: Only One by Yellowcard

I picked up the new album, Ocean Avenue, from Yellowcard yesterday. Yes, I still buy CDs. Only the good ones and the ones I feel are worth buying. This is their first release from a major label. I think it sounds really good in terms of production quality. It was produced by the same guy who did the last two New Found Glory albums. It doesn’t sound overproduced but it sounds better than The Underdog EP and One For The Kids.

As for the actual music, it’s definitely Yellowcard. You’d think that adding a violin to a punk band would get old after awhile, but the formula still works. The song playing right now, I think, is the best song on the album. When you turn it up loud in the car or your headphones, you can feel the emotion, as he’s literally “screaming out”. I think we’ll be hearing from these guys for some time to come. No, this wasn’t an album review.

I added links to the song and artist to the “iTunes is currently playing:” feature. When you click on them, if you are using a Mac, you will be taken to either the song and/or artist in the iTunes Music Store. If you are unfortunate enough to have a PC, I have no idea where the links will take you.

I have one more week here in the OC before I move back to San Diego. I might as well make the most of it.

★ Pizza And Beer

I’m sure everyone has seen dolphins; certainly on TV or even at Sea World. I’m sure some people have paid money to “swim” with dolphins while a trainer attentively stands by. Today, I got the closest I’ve ever been to dolphins without cheating. I was at Newport Beach body boarding as usual. Even dolphins at Newport aren’t anything new, I’ve seen them myself last year. But this time, I got close. Maybe not as close as to touch them, but pretty damn close considering I wasn’t at Sea World. I got to within 50 ft. of 3 dolphins as they wandered close to the beach. I could hear their blow holes gasping for air as they came up to breathe. They even got playful and started jumping into the air, as if they wanted the attention of the people on the beach. It was really amazing and I wish I had pictures to share.

When you’re not taking classes or going to work, the days and the weeks blend into one long weekend. The 16th crept up unexpectedly so Rochelle and I had a typical dinner: pizza and beer in front of the television. It’s funny how the simple things are always fun.

I really need to get back into a normal sleeping pattern.

: Timberwolves at New Jersey by Taking Back Sunday

★ YLJ v 4.0

WHEW! I redid my site. Yes again. This time I worked on the layout. I got inspired by D. Keith Robinson’s layout along with other design related weblogs. I hope no one gets upset. For those of you keeping count, this would be YLJ v. 4.0. The last version was essentially a table based layout that incorporated an iframe to display the content. As of late, I’ve been getting into web standards based design and I’ve discovered the advantages of using such a design.

The layout you see now was coded using XHTML for the structure and content and CSS for the design and layout. The advantage of such a design is that almost any device with a web browser will be able to read the content of this site. PDAs, web-enabled phones, and Netscape Navigator 4 are able to read my website, just without all the pretty pictures and layout. Any standards-compliant web browser will display the site as I intended. With a single CSS file controlling the layout and design, I can theoretically redesign the site just by tweaking this one file. Oh yea, no tables were used to create the layout. This is another advantage of using CSS based design. No more endless nested tables, no more redundant tags and smaller html files. Cool, huh?

I have way too much time on my hands.

: Hit Or Miss by New Found Glory

★ Apple Store 3rd Street Promenade

Rochelle and I checked out the grand opening of the the new Apple Store at the 3rd Street Promenade. They were giving away free T-shirts and iSights but we got there too late. Supposedly the line stretched the whole length of the Promenade, all the way to 2nd street. It was still fun to go see all these crazy Macheads talking passionately about their computers. Hey, that kind of sounds like me…


Update #2: I redid my site, AGAIN. On the outside, it looks the same. On the inside, if you don’t know what you’re looking at, it still looks the same. But if you know what you’re looking at, you’ll notice that the code is leaner. Because it is. I redid the site so it’s valid XHTML 1.0 Transitional. And I also took even more advantage of CSS to control the way the site looks. The CSS is valid too. All for the sake of it looking the way it was intended to look through Internet Explorer. Take that again, Internet Explorer.

iTunes is now playing: The Quiet Things That No One Ever Knows by Brand New

★ Validates

Update: I ran my code through the W3C’s HTML and CSS validator, and it seems that my code checks out OK. Take that, Internet Explorer.