★ Updates

Here are some updates:

  • I ran away from home and am living in LA.
  • Just kidding. It’s only for a couple days.
  • I’m going to Hawaii in 2 weeks.
  • I can surf from my Mac again. Yay broadband!
  • I have a new desktop wallpaper, therefore, I updated the desktop page.
  • Rochelle got a new toy, and a new website.

Stay tuned to this website for more updates. This update was brought to you by:

: All Of Me by Watashi Wa

★ T-Mobile

I’m at an Internet hotspot. I was at Border’s studying for my EIT and when I popped open my laptop, I noticed I was in the presence of a wireless network. It happened to be for T-Mobile for which I had a discount coupon. I signed up for a free 24 hours with T-Mobile. The sign up process was easy enough. Just give them some info and you’re all ready. They ask for credit card information, which I gave, just in case you spill over the allotted 24 hours. I was reluctant at first, but there’s a pay-as-you-go option. If you decide to use their network after the 24 hours, you pay something like $.10 a minute.

The concept of wireless networks is cool, but they would be more valuable (to me at least) if they had the same coverage and range as cellular networks. Of course, this is all still in its infancy and a successful business model has yet to show itself. I do miss the network available at UCI since it was free and it was almost everywhere on campus. Graduate school?? We’ll see. It’s always an option. All for a ubiquitous wireless network? Not really. But it’s always a plus.

★ Tour d’Elegance

My favorite person came down to visit this past weekend. On Sunday, we checked out Tour d’Elegance in Eastlake.

The 4th Tour d’ Elegance brings together five noted San Diego County homebuilders to design and build luxury custom estates. The Tour showcases classic architectural design, glamorous interiors, cutting-edge home technology, energy-efficient techniques and the most innovative building materials, and upscale features.

It makes you wonder if you’ll ever get to live in a house such as those. It also makes you wonder if people actually live that way, and how they got to where they are now. My favorite house would have combined features of the different houses. My house would have an underground movie theater, a vanishing pool, a master bedroom that continued upstairs, and the entire house would be controlled by Dell Pocket PCs. Oh, and I would also have an outside bar and kitchen so I can entertain my guests. I figure I would have constant guests over because, come on, with a house like that, all your friends would be dying to come over.

★ The Case for Mozilla

For those of you who know me, I strongly dislike Internet Explorer. I have been using Mozilla for almost a year and haven’t looked back. There are a few, ok, more like a lot of people who are hopelessly shackled to IE. There are plenty of good reasons to switch from IE and almost no good reasons to stay. D. Keith Robinson has written a very good article on switching to Mozilla. It goes through the basics like what is Mozilla and why it is better than IE. It also comments on the fact that Mozilla is constantly improving and that the IE we have now, will be with us until 2005.

What I mean by that is that it’s being worked on as we speak and will continue to improve as time goes on. For those of you who don’t know, as of a few months ago, Microsoft pulled the plug on Internet Explorer, so there won’t be any updates to that browser for the time being, and Netscape is dead….To get an updated version of Internet Explorer you might very well have to pay for it. In 2005. See what I mean?

I hope people take the time to read the article and even take the time to try out Mozilla. It takes awhile to get used to using something other than IE, but once people see the benefits, they’ll kick IE to the curb.

★ Living in SD

I set up my desk and computer in my room. It’s not the best set up, but at least I get to use my computer and not that 800MHz Duron box downstairs.

I have discovered that there truly is nothing interesting to do here. Everything is the same, everyone still does the same thing. The only cool thing that San Diego has that Orange County has is the beach. So I went to La Jolla. The waves yesterday were OK. They were walling up so you couldn’t really ride them for a long time. I did notice that there were more experienced bodyboarders here than up there. I figure that everyone at Newport is there for vacation and they don’t really board a lot, whereas here, the people go all the time. I guess it’s better with more experienced boarders since they have some idea of wave etiquette. Last week, I was riding a wave, and two inexperienced bodyboarders were in front of me. Like deer frozen in my headlights, they didn’t move. I guess it was partly my fault since I assumed they were going to move. I ended up using one of their heads as a ramp as I flew above them. I asked if he was OK and I said sorry. They said sorry and smartly moved further down the beach.

I’m using wbloggar to blog on the PC. If I had never been exposed to kung log on the Mac, I would think that wbloggar is the greatest thing ever. It has lots of options and has shortcuts to place links and images within your blog, but it suffers from a cramped menu bar and too much options. Those Apple guys have spoiled me with their clean interfaces.