★ One Of My Idols

As usual, I found an interesting article while surfing the Internet. It’s about Jonathan Ive, the vice president of industrial design at Apple Computer. Everyone credits Steve Jobs for picking up a struggling company and bringing it to where it is today. I don’t doubt that he is a brilliant man, but I don’t think he could have done it without Ive. Ive has designed every one of Apple’s computers ever since the original iMac. And there’s also that mp3 player, called the iPod, which he also designed. Pretty much everything that looks cool that comes from Apple, he had something to do with.

Friends say the roots of his success lie in his lateral thinking – finding the true appeal of an object, often ignoring the traditional approach to design. Inspiration comes from almost anywhere. The original candy-coloured iMac had its roots in gumdrops. The popular transparent Apple mouse came from thinking about how drops of water sit on a flat surface. An angle-poise desk lamp helped inspire the new iMac. The see-through outer casing of recent iBooks came from the look that food has when wrapped in clingfilm. The iPod is like a cigarette pack for those addicted to music instead of tobacco.

One day, I would love to meet this guy. Find out what makes him tick, and ask him how he got to where he is today. I’d also ask him if they’re hiring.

★ Happy Holidays

Another Christmas has come and gone. I had a very good Christmas as it was spent with family. The next day, Rochelle came down and we exchanged our gifts. She really liked the iPhoto book I made her. I knew she would. She made some cool prints of some photos she took awhile back at Newport Beach. She also got me an Apple Wireless mouse. Very cool. I can’t wait to get the wireless keyboard to match.

We watched Paycheck. It was alright. It’s an interesting concept but the movie kind of fell apart at the end. We then went to Ryan’s house to eat and race our XMods. We created tracks on the driveway and raced as many as 5 cars at once. Very fun. Once we couldn’t stand the cold any longer, we went to visit Mirabel. Stayed for about an hour, then called it a day and went home.

It’s always fun to read what I posted last year. It just puts your entire year into perspective…

And makes you look forward to next…

: Through the Wire by Kanye West

★ M. Hoppus and the Apple Store

I found out today that two thirds of the band, blink-182, are Mac users. Today, Mark Hoppus of blink-182 came into the store. I was helping a customer and I looked up as he walked in. I instantly recognized him and extended my hand to shake his. He said, “Hi” and I said, “What’s up” and he continued into the store. After I finished with my customer, I ran into the back of the store. I needed to get this man’s autograph. I stood a couple years ago outside a Virgin store unable to get in to get their autographs. Now was my chance.

At first, I had a piece of paper with the Apple logo on it. Then, I remembered that I had my iPod. I ran into the back, grabbed my iPod, grabbed a Sharpie and I came out onto the floor. His friend was looking to buy a 12″ PowerBook. While he was asking a coworker questions, I asked kindly if he would sign my iPod. First thing he said when I pulled it out was, “Whoa, you’ve got one of the old school ones.” He signed it and I thanked him afterwards. Then, I talked to him about the band. The band just finished filming the video for their next single, “Miss You”. I also showed Mark the G5s and he told me that Tom has a 17″ PowerBook. He also took time to sign some more autographs for other customers. Meeting him and talking about our Macs and his band totally made my day. It almost makes up for Saturday. Thanks Mark. Say hi to Tom and Travis for me.

: Miss You by Blink 182

★ For The Berkeley Kids

Something I ran into that makes me feel good about my temporary job.

“It’s harder to get a job at an Apple store than it is to get admitted to Stanford University,” says Ron Johnson, 45, senior vice president and the man Apple founder Steve Jobs recruited to launch Apple’s highly touted retail effort.

★ Fuck

FUCK San Diego. The last couple of weeks have given me more than enough reasons to hate this shit hole and want to move away. Two weeks ago, some idiot tried to start a fight with me at a bar for no valid reason at all. Today, I took the trolley to work. I wanted to avoid the parking madness at the mall on the Saturday before Christmas. I get off work, take the trolley back home to find shattered glass and my stereo gone. Merry fucking early Christmas to me. I’m sure everyone has been involved in a scuffle at least once in their lives or has had their personal property vandalized at some point, but I know FOR A FACT, that this would never have happened in Orange County. Ever since I moved there for college, I thought I left the shittiness of San Diego behind. I never had to worry about wanna be Asian gangsters, I never had to put the Club on my car, let alone hide my 4 year old Sony head unit for fear that someone might take it. You just never had to worry about that kind of stuff in Irvine, or its surrounding communities. I knew that once I moved back that my life would suck. No friends, not having my own place, and having to deal with bullshit like what happened 2 weeks ago and what happened today.

So fuck you whoever stole my stereo. Fuck everyone who’s ever stared at me driving in my car because I lowered it. I fucking hate the fact that I live so close to fucking Mexico that it motivates people to steal shit from people because its worth more in Mexico. That’s it!…..I fucking hate this place.

★ Panther

I finally obtained a copy of Panther. Legally by the way. I have to say, the installation of Panther was one of the easiest things I’ve ever done. I remember installing XP on my now dead PC. I remember wading through DOS menus and cryptic messages. The Panther installation process was very simple and fast. I chose to do an “Archive and Install” which preserves everything from your previous system and does a clean install of the OS without throwing out your preferences and settings. The entire process took about 45 minutes. Once on the other side, I had everything working the way it was before. Seamless upgrade. Now, I’m enjoying Exposé, the new Finder, and an overall speedier system. I couldn’t be more satisfied.

Rochelle and I checked out Disneyland last Friday. Every night during the holiday season, they have fireworks and snow on Main St. We were interested in seeing it snow in Southern California but were disappointed to find out they were only soapy bubbles. Either way, it looked like real snow was falling from the sky.

I need to finish my Christmas shopping by the end of this week. Hopefully I can do it before the weekend when everyone is bound to be at the mall.

★ You’ve Got To Be Kidding

You have GOT to see this. Some Japanese kid beat Super Mario Brothers 3 in 11 minutes. Amazing. I remember thoroughly playing this game to explore its vast worlds. I didn’t mind that it took me weeks to beat it. I remember finally figuring out how to beat Bowser at the end of the game. The satisfaction that I felt conquering the game seems inconsequential now after watching someone do it in 11 minutes. Damn you random Japanese kid.

★ PC Free

Ever since my PC broke down about 2 months ago, I’ve been using my PowerBook as my main computer. I even have it hooked up to my monitor and my wireless keyboard and mouse (too bad it’s not an Apple wireless keyboard and/or mouse *hint*), so it truly has replaced my desktop. I’m so used to using Mac OS X that sometimes I forget how to do simple things in a Windows environment (To shut down your computer, you have to hit the “Start” button?). I’m even surrounded by Macs at work 😉 I haven’t even so much touched a Windows operating system except for the times I’m at Rochelle’s apartment, and even then I use it minimally. Once I retrieve the rest of my files off my PC’s hard drive, I can finally wean myself from using a PC.

All of this is not meant to talk bad about Microsoft and their operating system. I’ve used some form of Windows for 5+ years and for the most part, it worked fine for me. It’s good enough that 95% of the computing world uses some version of Windows. It’s not that it’s not good enough for me, it’s just that Macs and OS X does everything that I need an operating system to do, but it does it better. A lot of people use the BMW analogy to describe Macs and PCs. BMW has a smaller share of the market than say, Honda or Toyota, but that doesn’t mean BMW makes crappy cars. They make quality cars and charge a premium for them. Apple does the same thing with their computers. They put a lot of thought, time and effort when designing their computers and operating systems. I’m going to use the same analogy but in a different way to describe why I like using an Apple operating system instead of a Windows operating system. Using a PC with Windows 98/2000/XP is like driving a Ford Pinto. It does what it’s supposed to do. It gets you from point A to point B. But that’s it. Using a Mac with Mac OS X is like driving a BMW. It does the same thing a PC does, but it does it in style. It surfs the Internet, it sends and receives email, plays MP3s, etc, but doing all these tasks is much more enjoyable on a Mac, as is driving a BMW is much more enjoyable than driving a Pinto. You’re also much less prone to crash if you’re in a BMW than a Pinto.

: Big Apple Heartbreak by Yellowcard

★ Paper Plate

On Tuesday, I checked out the opening of Paper Plate. It was an exhibition of the art projects the art students have been working on all quarter. It was pretty cool. Except for one crappy piece that even I could have topped, all the pieces were amazing. Rochelle’s piece was a group of 9 pictures set up in a grid. You have to see the piece in person for yourself to appreciate the fine detail in each picture. The little thumbnail does it no justice.

After, Rochelle’s family ate at Mugen for some Japanese food. If you know me, I’m a sucker for Japanese food, especially sushi. I gladly took up the offer for dinner after the exhibition.

After almost 3 weeks at the Apple store, it still amazes me how many people walk in and just buy computers. Not just on the weekends either, every day. For example, some person came into the store and bought a desktop and a laptop. On top of that, they bought Applecare for both computers, an Apple LCD, some software, and I think, an iPod. The customer paid IN CASH. Over $8,000. It’s good for the store I suppose. I wonder if the customer routinely carries around that much cash everyday.

: Space by Something Corporate