★ Mini Vacation

Warning….long post ahead.

I wasn’t scheduled to work for a week so I took a mini vacation. On Friday, Francis kicked off his birthday weekend in Hollywood at Garden of Eden. Overall nice venue. The crowd made me feel like I was at an Irvine party. Got to hang out with all my closer friends. Joe, Mira, and Ronald made it out. Even Eliza made it out coming up from San Diego. What a trooper. Of course, Mr. Franchise was there accepting all offers of alcohol.

On Saturday, Rochelle, my brother and I drove down to Mira Mesa for my Uncle’s 65th birthday party. Family parties are always good, even if you’re only there for a couple of hours. It also marked the first time I was referred to as a “metrosexual” by one of my cousins. I think it was because I was wearing my HM sweater. It is pretty damn metro. I wouldn’t consider myself a flaming metro, however. I’m still in the closet on that one.

Sunday was the 2nd half of Francis’ celebration of his birthday. We met up at Disneyland. Rode a couple of rides and had lunch. Interestingly, of the few pictures we took, the majority of them were of us eating. At Disneyland, one of the things that the vendors sell is a full turkey leg. It’s probably the best bang for your buck at the entire theme park. For $6 you get an entire leg of turkey. The thing must’ve weighed 3 pounds. Watching someone eat one is a little barbaric, even nauseous, but satisfying nonetheless.

The weekend ended with the 2nd best concert I’ve been to. The best being the blink-182/NFG concert right after 9/11. Something Corporate, Yellowcard and Rufio. I’ve been waiting to see Rufio and especially Yellowcard ever since I first discovered their music. I must say that I have a new favorite band when it comes to seeing them live. Yellowcard has got to be one of THE best live acts around. Energy; they have an unlimited supply of it. The same songs you hear on their CDs have a whole new feeling when you hear them do it live. I just can’t explain it. Something Corporate also put on a good show. Out of the three times that I’ve seen them, I like this performance the best. The most entertaining part of their set was their cover of “Hey Ya!” In the end, I wish both Something Corporate and Yellowcard could have played all of their songs…twice. I would’ve been jumping and screaming the whole way through.

: Avondale by Yellowcard from the album The Underdog EP

★ Yeah, I know I lag

I know I’m not the quickest when it comes to posting pictures to the Internet. If you are familiar with my images section, I try to come up with different ways to post pictures. While it keeps things fresh, it takes some time to come up with something new and then put it into action. I was trying to implement something I read on A List Apart. I followed everything according to the tutorial, but for some reason, I still can’t get it to work. So yes, my pictures from the Philippines are up, but they are not working the way they should be. They’ve actually been up for about two or three weeks now, but I haven’t gotten around to fixing it. So to all 3 readers of my website, if you know Javascript and are feeling especially friendly, take a look at my code and try to figure out what the hell I’m doing wrong. Otherwise I’ll just come up with another pop-up-in-a-new-window solution.

: If It Were Up To Me by Rooney from Rooney

★ Some Good News

Rochelle came down this weekend. On Saturday, I took her out for some Mexican food and Dirty Dancing, Havana style. We went shopping at Target (I refuse to go to Walmart). We picked up some cool Lexar JumpDrives and I also got some rechargeable Energizer batteries for my keyboard and mouse. We’ve also been commissioned to produce the video for Rooney’s “I’m Shakin”.

I have posted about a few of the cool things where I work. For example, all employees receive the world’s most popular mp3 player to use as sales tools, cool shirts, and we also receive little surprises here and there. Out of all the little things I’ve received, an upcoming alliance, let’s call it, is going to blow all of those away. No, it’s not a free computer. It hasn’t actually started yet and I don’t even know if I’m allowed to talk about it, but once it gets started, I’ll share it with you…

If I’m allowed to.


So last night, I met another well known musician while at work. Jordan, the lead singer of New Found Glory, came into the store. If you remember, in December Mark from blink-182 did some shopping at the store. If blink 182 helped introduce me to other punk bands, NFG was one of the first bands I discovered (along with a recommendation from Rochelle). To meet members from both bands in a normal setting (not backstage or in the parking lot at a concert) is something that I never thought I would get to do. And within the span of 3 months, I got to do both.

He came in with his family and lady friend. He was telling me that he got a blue iPod mini last week, but filled it up already. I also scolded his friend for switching him back to a PC. Apparently I was the only one who knew who he was. No one else in the store recognized him, even my coworkers carried on as usual. Anyways, to replace his mini, he got a 20GB iPod.

I finally got business cards for work. Even though we don’t work on commission, we give them to customers so they know who they talked to while in the store if they have any other questions, or just to come back when they need to get something else. Oh, and I got Jordan’s autograph. One for me and one for Rochelle. They’re handy for that too.

: Singled Out by New Found Glory from Sticks and Stones

★ Happy Birthday PowerBook

Last Friday, my PowerBook turned one year old. As always, the year felt like it flew by. I remember opening up the box like it was yesterday . (Buy any Apple product and you will be treated with one of the best “opening the box” experiences). My PowerBook has served me well this past year. The only minor problem being the four rubber feet on the bottom coming off. That was easily fixed however. It has gone from being my computer that I used while on campus to being the computer I use all the time. Out of the 3 other computers I’ve had, this is has been the best by far in terms of least amount of problems and longevity. I’ve had two die on me within the first year, and the other I donated to my Mom. Overall, I’ve been very happy with my first laptop and my first Mac.

With all this nice weather, I decided to try going to the beach. Sure, it was hot, but the water was still 58 degrees. I was out in the water for maybe 10 minutes before I gave in. The waves weren’t that good anyways.

★ Goodbye Tripod

I ranted about Tripod before when they removed the option of serving pop up ads and plastered ads all over my site. Outraged, I immediately looked for a new host. After monitoring my site meter and noticing the decrease in referrals from the old site, I pulled the plug on my Tripod account. Good riddens.


After wandering around Blogger’s website, I found out that users can now syndicate their websites. Using a news aggregator, such as NetNewsWire on a Mac, you can read a summary of any new posts without visiting the site. AtomEnabled.org has a list of other newsreaders that can pick up Atom syndications. Anyways, here is the xml link.