★ Just For The Hell of It

Instead of going to a usual spot to bodyboard, I drove around La Jolla and tried to find a more “local” spot. I stumbled upon this little stretch of beach right before The Cove. The beach definitely reminded me of Sandy Beach on the east side of Oahu. The waves broke right on the shore so there were a good number of body surfers at this spot. There also was some sort of underwater rock formation or maybe even a reef just beyond the shore that helped the waves build up abruptly and crumble just like the waves in Hawaii.
Unlike in Hawaii where surfers and bodyboarders were usually separated, the surfers here were more accepting of us bodyboarders. We just had to get out of their way. The waves were pretty decent. Nothing consistent, but the waves broke cleanly for a nice long ride. I plan on going to this spot again and this time I’ll bring my digital camera and take some decent pictures.

PS. For this post, I didn’t double space after periods. I read somewhere that this is no longer necessary. I guess this was the practice when we all used typewriters with their fixed-width fonts. Now you all are wondering, would you have noticed if I didn’t tell you….

: Transatlanticism by Death Cab For Cutie from the album Transatlanticism

Update: Turns out the beach is called Windansea. People have been telling me to come to this spot for awhile. I found it.

★ My wonderful weekend or High speed access, finally

I had a couple days off in a row, and every time that happens, I try to make the most of it. So I went up to the OC. On Thursday, I went to Newport Beach for the first time in over a year. The waves sucked but the water was warm. I miss that place. I pretty much spent the last 5 years body boarding at that beach. I learned how to body board there and each summer, I’ve gone back to practice and get better. It was nice to go back and just be there, after not being there since last summer.

On Friday, I went with Rochelle to get her new contacts and we also got to check out the new Gap at South Coast. I was impressed that Rochelle was able to put in her contacts in less than 45 minutes, which is how long it took me to first put in mine. I was also impressed to see the new Gap. It’s the same store, except they redid their entire look. It felt weird since I did work there for a summer. They made much better use of the space they were given. After 10 minutes in the store, it strangely reminded me of how the Apple Store is laid out. Four sections on each side, each separated by a vertical wall, plenty of lighting, hardwood floors, and a central eye catching feature. In the Gap’s case, the POS area. We also saw the first Zara store on the west coast. I bought something from them while I was in New York and I was impressed to find out that they were opening up a store at South Coast. H&M desperately needs to do that. Not for their sake, but for mine!

Then on Saturday we went to Clarisse’s 1st birthday party. Clarisse is Rochelle’s niece. After we got kicked out of the park, we went back to Randall’s place for drinking and talking. Good times.

Sunday, I experienced the glory that is Mrs. Knott’s Fried Chicken. Located at Knott’s Berry Farm, they have been serving the same chicken dinner for the past 70 years. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

Oh, and our family finally entered the year 2000 when we got Cox High Speed Internet. Yay!

: Gifts And Curses by Yellowcard from the album Spider-Man 2

★ Fourth of July

I’m posting this from Blogger’s web interface. Something is wrong with the Blogger API since I cannot post using Kung-Log. No shortcuts for my tags, no “Currently playing in iTunes” feature, and I just hate using web interfaces if I have the option to use a program. And that is the reason for my lack of updates. Frustrating indeed.

I spent my Fourth of July weekend half working, and half relaxing. I had Saturday off so I spent it in the OC with Rochelle. We went shopping which is something we hadn’t done in a long while, so I was happy to let her shop her heart out. Later, we had dinner to celebrate Noel’s belated birthday at the Olive Garden.

I then spent the earlier part of the Fourth working. It wasn’t too bad since I got off relatively early and we got paid time and a half. I spent the rest of the day with family in Mira Mesa and stayed there all day until the fireworks show at 9pm. I was kind of upset since they didn’t use those insanely loud fireworks; the ones that don’t shoot up high and only flash a white light, but are REALLY loud. Those are my favorite ones. Screw the pretty colored ones.