★ Three Years Old

Another year has passed and this website is now 3 years old. Even though my posts are fewer and farther in between, I still intend to maintain this website. Every once in awhile, I go through the archives and it’s kind of embarrassing to read what I used to blog about. I used to post about all the little things that happened through my day and now I post about current events, geeky stuff, and every once in awhile, little things that go on in my life. I also didn’t know about proper grammar and punctuation back then either.

As for the future of this website, I don’t have anything major planned, I just expect to keep doing what I’ve been doing for the past 3 years. Write about stuff in my life, post pictures from all the places I’ve gone, and link to cool things I find on the Internet.

: Caring Is Creepy by The Shins from the album Garden State (Music from the Motion Picture)

★ Get Firefox

Get Firefox.

Today, the Mozilla organization released Firefox 1.0 after being in beta for way too long. I’ve been using it for over a year, back when it was known as Firebird on the PC. I’d list all the reasons why it’s better than ie but it would take too long. Just read all these articles.

Get Firefox

★ Four More Years

Four more years. I’m all emotions right now. Disbelief, anger, fear about what the next four years may bring, but mostly disbelief. I still cannot believe bush won. Maybe because I’m from California and the majority of the people I talked to were pro-Kerry, I thought that Kerry would definitely win. Along with his stronger performance in the debates, an expected increase in younger voter turnout who registered because of a disapproval of the bush administration, and a disapproval of his handling of Iraq, I thought Kerry had it in the bag. But the majority of America has proven that morality and tax cuts were more important than people dying in a war (mission fucking accomplished?!) that we had no business in starting. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

I feel somewhat better knowing that others share what I’m feeling. Even reading the comments show how much more people sympathize and agree.

All those damn red states…what were you thinking…