★ Four More Years

Four more years. I’m all emotions right now. Disbelief, anger, fear about what the next four years may bring, but mostly disbelief. I still cannot believe bush won. Maybe because I’m from California and the majority of the people I talked to were pro-Kerry, I thought that Kerry would definitely win. Along with his stronger performance in the debates, an expected increase in younger voter turnout who registered because of a disapproval of the bush administration, and a disapproval of his handling of Iraq, I thought Kerry had it in the bag. But the majority of America has proven that morality and tax cuts were more important than people dying in a war (mission fucking accomplished?!) that we had no business in starting. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

I feel somewhat better knowing that others share what I’m feeling. Even reading the comments show how much more people sympathize and agree.

All those damn red states…what were you thinking…

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