★ San Diego Super Chargers

Yahoo! Sports – NFL – Broncos face suddenly supercharged opponent

“We lost that game and we didn’t want to”, (Jake Plummer) said. “But we knew, either way, we were going to have to beat the Chargers.” It’s been a long time since anyone in Denver has said that.

In what’s being called the biggest game for San Diego in years, the AFC West leading Chargers host the 2nd place Broncos in a battle for the AFC West title at the Q. If San Diego wins, we hold a commanding 2 game lead with 4 games left to play. If Denver wins, the two teams are tied for the best record, but with Denver winning the first meeting, they win the tie breaker and if it comes this close at the end, Denver essentially wins AFC West crown.

If we’ve learned anything from history, San Diego will falter and lose the momentum they’ve built from their 5 game winning streak. If they’re lucky, they make the playoffs, only to lose in the first round.

But this season isn’t like any other season. The Chargers are favored by 3 points to win this monumental game. Drew Brees and Antonio Gates bring back eerie feelings of Dan Fouts and Kellen Winslow. Instead of falling apart during the 4th quarter of last weeks game, the Chargers overcame 3 straight penalties to score the tying touchdown. They went ahead and won.

If the Chargers win tomorrow, we’re going to be the team to beat in the AFC.

Update: We are now the team to beat in the AFC. What a game.