★ Chicago: A Recap

Update: The pictures are up.

I swear I will get pictures up from Chicago by the end of this week. People have been bugging me so I need to get them off my back. But for posterity’s sake, here’s what we did.

I stepped out of the terminal into the parking structure and noticed the cold. Probably the coldest I have experienced since Boston. It was midnight by them time I flew in, so going to bed was the only thing on my mind.

On Friday, I experienced authentic Chicago style pizza at Giordano’s. I will always be loyal to BJ’s for their beer and Pizookie, but for pizza, Giordano’s is the best Chicago style pizza I’ve had. Since it was Friday, I “settled” for stuffed spinach. After lunch, we went shopping; probably the main reason for going out to Chicago (I know, that may sound weird coming from a guy). Until they build the one in San Francisco, Chicago is the closest place I can shop at an H&M.; Later that night, I saw snow fall from the sky for the first time (although I have seen snow many times before).

The next day we headed downtown. The city celebrated St. Patrick’s Day that weekend. We didn’t make it to the parade, but we did get to see the green river. I don’t know how environmentally safe that is, but it’s what gets them in the spirit. Lunch at Bennigan’s and more shopping. Later that evening, we went clubbing at Sound Bar. I don’t remember too much, but I took plenty of pictures to help me remember.

On Sunday, Karen and Michelle took us to Potbelly Sandwiches. Best sandwiches ever, period. Too bad Karen’s car got booted for being illegally parked. At $115 for boot removal, that was the most expensive lunch any of us has ever had.

Chicago was fun and even though it was the perfect weekend to go (St. Patrick’s Day, Multicultural night, snow), I want to go back when it’s warmer.