★ Watson Bridge

As of 2 am last night, summer ended. For me, summer doesn’t end on Labor Day or on the Autumnal Equinox, it ends on the last weekend in October. This is when Daylight Savings Time ends and we move our clocks back an hour to Standard Time. Our days become shorter and the sun sets earlier. This is when I stop thinking about going to the beach and start thinking about how to keep warm during the upcoming months. I start thinking about Thanksgiving and of Christmas.

This time of the year also brings back a lot of different memories. I was walking through UCI tonight after mass. Since I have to park at the University Center, on the way home I decided to walk across the bridge that connects UCI with the University Center. I’ve crossed that bridge countless times during my college career when I lived at Dartmouth Court. But there’s something about crossing that bridge at night in the crisp fall air that brings me back to a better time.

★ Back To Our Old Ways

There was a time when I would post about my daily activities. I’ve sort of moved away from that format for reasons I can’t figure out. Either I branched out to write about things other than my daily routine or my daily activities aren’t worthy to write about. If there’s one thing I miss about posting about my daily musings, it’s that I can look back at them in the future and remember what I did a certain weekend. And even though I now have Flickr to help me remember our antics, it’s always fun reading what I wrote.

So two weekends passed before the entire gang went out to Hollywood. Granted, those two weekends were used to settle into the new place, we were all itching to get out. Friday, we went to XES and met up with Joanna and all her friends. Easily the most fun we’ve had in weeks. The club wasn’t crowded at all, worked up a good buzz, and everyone was on the dance floor the entire night.

The next day we went to Concorde. The line was ridiculously long but thanks to the guest list, we got in within 15 minutes. The place got so crowded, the fire marshall came and threatened to shut the party down unless they stopped serving alcohol. At around 12:30, a certain someone had too much to drink and was forced to leave the club. And since I was helping her walk around, I got stuck with her outside the club. Thanks buddy! Once everyone got out of the club, we helped Jo into the car and it was off to Full House. Perfect way to bring back PrimeTime.

★ Front Row

Of all the announcements on Wednesday, the iPod with video capabilities got the most attention. What got me the most excited, however, was the announcement of the new iMac G5 and a little program called Front Row.

Front Row is something that I’ve been waiting for ever since I built my first PC my 2nd year in college. My computer has always been, more or less, an entertainment center. I use it to chat with friends, upload and post photos, watch DVDs and most of all, listen to music. On my home computer, iTunes is ALWAYS on playing music. I like to have background noise whenever I do anything. However, there has never been an “easy” way to remotely control my music. The closest I got was using my wireless keyboard as a “remote” and calling the keyboard a remote control is a bit of a stretch. For me, the hardware was more or less always there, but there was never an easy UI to access and control the media on my computer.

After Wednesday, it looks like my problem has been solved. Leave it to Apple to come up with an easy and beautiful way to control the media on your computer. You really have to play with the online demo or better yet, watch the keynote to fully understand how powerful Front Row is. Using the Apple Remote, you can bring up a Tivo-like interface for browsing and controlling your music, photos, slideshows, playlists and even DVD controls.

There is one bad part. While the Apple Remote is sold seperately, and can be used to control just your music, the Front Row interface, and the ability to control all types of media, is only available on the new iMac G5. I’m definitely crossing my fingers and hoping that Apple will make the software available to download or purchase. While a new iMac with Front Row would definitely look nice in my new room, I can’t picture myself with anything other than a laptop.

★ Warm October Nights or New Beginnings

I’ve noticed that at least once every year since 1998, I’ve moved from one place to another. Either from apartment to apartment, San Diego to OC, even 3 times in one school year. This past weekend, I moved yet again. Not a drastic move, but a move that has a lot of meaning for me. It’s been a year since I’ve moved from SD to start my current job. For the most part, it’s been a transitional phase. I look at this as sort of a new beginning. For the short time I was at Lori Ann, a lot of memories were made. Lots of good and a good amount of not so good. I look back at Lori Ann and at the same time I look forward to all the memories that will be made from our new place. So far I can tell that this new place will be the kind of place that I wish I lived in during my college years. And not because of beer, house parties and schmags, but because of good times and good friends.

And this is the first time that I am living in a room that I have taken the time to plan out. I’m choosing a color to paint the walls, furniture to match, and accessories to finish the feel of the room. I’ve taken pictures of the move and pictures of our rooms in progress. I will post some of them as soon as I can and of the finished project as soon as my room is presentable.