★ Thanks

I think I figured out why this time of the year makes me feel the way I do.

Around this time of the year, I commemorate the beginning of this site. Four years ago, I signed up for a Blogger account and starting typing away. I don’t know the exact reason why I decided to sign up. I know one of my reasons was to document my summer and the beginning of that school year. I distinctly remember that period of my life. I spent that summer in San Diego where I wasted my time “working” and chasing a girl. I came back to Irvine to begin the new school year and spent the next 3 months trying to find a permanent place to live and trying to fix what I ruined when I left for the summer. It was around this time of the year that everything started to fall back into place. I found a place to live. Even though I ended up moving one more time, I didn’t have to live out of boxes anymore. I was also able to “win back” what I foolishly took for granted. After fall of 2001, everything fell into place and I was happy, I couldn’t complain, and life was good.

The colder weather is here and now that Thanksgiving has come and gone I can’t help but think back to that period of my life. As always, I’m thankful for what I have and where I am today. And here’s to this website and many more posts.

★ Vegas

Random Other Person: What are your plans this weekend?
Me: Going to Vegas.
ROP: When are you leaving?
Me: Friday, after work.
ROP: Are you flying?
Me: No.
ROP: You’re driving?!
Me: Yeah.
ROP: You’re crazy!
Me: We’re leaving at 8.
ROP: Oh, I was gonna say…

The conversation I had with at least 4 other people about my Vegas trip this weekend. See you when I get back!

★ The Comfort of Home

I don’t know how this one passed me up. Rufio released their 3rd full length album during the summer and I didn’t hear about it until a couple weeks ago. After listening to it a couple times through, this album is close to being my favorite Rufio album (perhaps, i suppose… being my favorite). With their 2nd album, it took me a long time to like most of the songs, whereas with this album, I was hooked after my 2nd time through It’s your typical Rufio formula. Pop punk. Really fast pop punk. I think that’s why I like listening to it at work, it’s so fast paced, it’s almost impossible to fall asleep to it. I find myself constantly tapping my feet to it and working faster just by listening to it. Oh, and the lyrics are good too. My picks are “Out of Control”, “Let Fate Decide”, and “My Escape”.

We built these walls to last forever
and now I’m planning my escape

So I’m cutting out, cutting out
Leaving all that stands behind me
And I watch you fall, watch you fall to the ground
So wait and see, I will be
Everything you never let me
And I watch you fall, watch you fall to the ground

: My Escape by Rufio from the album The Comfort of Home

★ Ninety Nine Bottles of Beer

I’ve noticed a trend. I’ve been having my fair share of alcohol for the past 4 weeks. Whether it’s going out on the weekends, having a cold one with my dinner, or throwing back a couple with the roommates, it seems like we go through a 12 pack at least once a week. Coupled with our little get togethers here at Mango, we always seem to have alcohol readily available. Now, I don’t think I’m an alcoholic, but when is too much, too much? I find myself constantly clearing my desk of empty beer bottles and cans. Right now, I have 4 empty containers of alcohol on my desk and I cleared off at least 6 from the past week. Maybe it’s the OC lifestyle rubbing off on us.

It’s the night before the start of another work week and I still can’t believe how fast time moves when you work full time. Here we are thinking about turkey dinners and Christmas lists. We’re pretty much in the final stretch of the year. I have no doubt that the New Year will show up at my front door in no time. Even though I’m somewhat dreading this part of the year, I have a couple things to look forward to. A couple Vegas trips and another trip to the Motherland will help take my mind off the stress that accompanies this time of the year. The end of 2005 is the finish line for this insane year I’ve had. It’s time to dig down…

: Here’s Your Letter by blink 182 from the album Untitled