★ Chucks

Just like their parent company, Converse is now allowing users to customize their own Chuck Taylor All Stars, just like the Nike ID site.

At $60, they’re a little pricey compared to regular Chucks, but who can resist a pair customized to your own taste?

★ History

I’ve been doing this blog thing for pretty much almost 5 years. That in itself is pretty amazing. I’ve said it many times, but I LOVE how I can just pick a random month in the archives and reminisce about what was going on at that time. It’s one thing to reminisce about a time in your life, it’s a completely different thing to read about that same time period from someone else’s perspective. So I’m home on a Friday night (I know, big surprise) and I just start browsing through the archives of an old friend’s blog. All I can say is “Wow”. Some things we both blogged about come flying back into memory and some stuff I didn’t blog about totally refreshes it.

Some people might think that I’m still living in the past but if it was that good, shouldn’t I every once in awhile?

★ My Desk

My desk
Originally uploaded by AlphaQ619.

Is it just me or does anyone else like looking at other peoples’ computer setups? There’s a photo pool on Flickr where people post their computer rigs. Three days after I added my submissions to the pool, the two photos have easily become my two most popular pictures on Flickr.

I admit my desk doesn’t look like this all the time, but I try my best to keep it this way. It’s a nice way to spend the rest of my day after coming home from my desk at work…which doesn’t look this nice.

★ Two Reviews


I’ve had my MINI for a little over a month and about 3,300 miles. I seriously love it. Driving is never a chore anymore. The supercharged engine feels like it could accelerate forever. You can slightly hear the whining of the blower from inside the car. It sounds like I’m driving an electric tool. It’s so freaking cool. That little engine with its supercharger makes for some fun driving. I find myself darting in and out of open spaces in between cars and passing cars just because I can. It’s literally like driving a go kart. I have yet to make the tires squeal while taking a corner, it just holds on to the road.

Alas, nothing is perfect and there are a couple things about my car I wish I could change. It’s small. Duh, it’s a MINI, I know, but I wish I had a little more room in the trunk. Along with the great handling comes a harsh ride. It’s tolerable and at least it’s not as bad as my Accord. A side effect of the harsh ride are the tiny rattles and noises that are heard as I drive over imperfect surfaces. I thought this was a BMW underneath its skin? For the most part it’s built solid.

Finally, I like all the attention it gets. Four years after its introduction, it still gets looks. I’ve gotten numerous comments from people at my work as I leave the parking lot, “That’s YOUR MINI?” I pass by other MINIs and almost always their drivers will say hi. It’s almost like joining an exclusive club.

Lights and Sounds

Yellowcard released their fourth (YES, fourth!) album 2 weeks ago. After listening to it a couple times through, it sounds as if they try to change their sound but can’t let go of what got them popular. On the first 3 songs on the album, you can immediately hear the darker, aggressive sounding guitars. On the latter half of the album, they sound like the Yellowcard from Ocean Avenue. Just like in Ocean Avenue, they have some slower, different sounding songs. One of them, “Two Weeks From Twenty” is about a guy named Jimmy who lost his life in the war. Not only is it a different topic for a song, it’s actually pretty good. “Sure Thing Falling” and “Rough Landing, Holly” are my two favorite songs on the album.

I’m sure there are those people who will ALWAYS talk bad about a band once they make it big. These same people will always make fun of “KIIS heads” who think this is Yellowcard’s second album. I’m the type of person who will always make fun of clueless KIIS heads, but I’ll never talk bad about a band that “sold out” as long as THEY PUT OUT GOOD MUSIC. I’ll always be a Yellowcard fan (been one since One For the Kids), and I’ll always put people in their place when they say they liked their “first” album, Ocean Avenue.