★ Break The Cycle

It’s about that time to play the one year ago game. Nevermind, it doesn’t look like this time last year was any fun. How about six months ago? No, that month wasn’t so great either. Three months? A little better, but nothing worth remembering.

I’ve noticed a pattern that occurs, more or less, every three months. Something happens, or more specifically, someone peeps their heads into my life and throws it out of wack (not necessarily the same person). This month is no different but the way I am handling things is.

I have a couple distractions to keep me preoccupied. The main one being my annual vacation. This year it’s Hawaii and it is a little less than a month and a half away. I’ve been putting in extra hours at the beach and at the gym to be ready for the beaches of Oahu. And I have my circle of friends that are always there for boba runs, dinners and even lunch dates (when they’re in the area) to help get my mind off things.

Maybe it’s just me but I’ve noticed this pattern for at least the past year and I’m making a conscious effort to break the cycle. I don’t know why this stuff seems to happen periodically. And I’m really lost as to why these things happen at all since after it happens and I try to get an explanation, I get left in the dark.

I guess history repeats itself to teach you a lesson so next time something similar happens, you know how to deal with the situation. Let’s just hope I was taking good notes last year.

★ Just a Memory

I remember you and me when we used to
Laugh all night until we fell asleep
And I know we’re through
But I’ve still got thoughts of you left inside my head

So stop me now
Stop my thoughts cause you’re killin me
But you don’t know
Even though we’ve grown apart
I’ll still be there for you
Cause I don’t wanna be just a memory to you