★ Five Day Plan

About two months ago I decided to take a break from the whole scene and going out. Funny how fast things change. I think that break lasted all of one week. Two months later, I find myself going out 5 days a week (Tuesday through Saturday).

Going out Thursday carried over from our college days but I think this all started with our Wednesday night happy hours. We figured it was halfway through the week and going out seemed to make Thursday and Friday come much sooner. Black Angus has happy hour specials all day so we would go there for dinner and once 10 o’clock rolled around, we’d drive down the street for more happy hour goodness at BJ’s.

Things really got out of control once we started going out on Tuesdays. I can blame this on the recruitment of two new roll dawgs, 2 for 1 drinks and 4 for 1 (yes, 4 for 1!) beers at Tuscany in Fullerton and the usual Tuesday crowd at Ziing’s. Next thing you know, I’m out consuming alcohol from Tuesday through Saturday.

I know back then I was complaining about how going out got old and tired but for multiple reasons going out became fun again, even if we do do it 5 times a week. If anything, it means I get to spend more time with good people. The weeks have been flying ever since we moved to the 5 day a week format which is a good thing. Next thing you know, I’ll be packing my bags. Finally, right here, right now, life is good.