★ Guest Blogger

Okay, lets face it. I am the only person who reads Christopher Jay Torres’ blog. This is Van Ngo in the house. Tonight, Jay and I broke it down and that shit was hot.
Okay, let me break it down one mo’ ‘gain. Jay and I have been friends by coincidence for quite some time now. and eversince we have been friends, we’ve just had this strange bond and have decided that we go through the same stuff more or less at the same freaken time. but it is because of that bond that we are friends. <3

now, jay is probably going to write about how drunk i am, but i am being really sincere when i say that i truly appreciate this friendship that jay and i share. we may not be that close, our friendship may be evolved around the internet, but hell, we are tight as fuck and it is because we talk every so now and then that i am able to go on with my life and live the hell in virginia.

p.s. we were hot on the dance floor tonite. ahhh skeet skeet motherfucker!!!!