★ Shout-out

So this is more of a blog shout out than a real post. I think I only have one faithful reader of this blog. I can tell because their IP address is the only one that consistently shows up in my web stats. This person also has the honor of being the only guest blogger to ever author a post on this site.

I’ve actually known this good buddy of mine for over a year and a half but for whatever reason we’ve only become as close as we are now for about one month. The timing couldn’t have worked out perfectly now that she lives on the East Coast. *Insert sarcasm here* Ever since she’s moved to the East Coast, however, it seems our friendship has grown stronger. Which is awesome since every little bit of home helps her out but at the same time it’s tough when I can’t see this person face to face. Regardless, I’m thankful that this person stumbled into my life when she did. Not only did she lift me up when I’ve been down for awhile, it makes for good blog content. =)

So thank you faithful reader for giving me a reason to post and for the repeat visits.

★ 2006. A Review.

2006 was a year of ups and downs. Where 2005 was a forgettable year, 2006 is one that I won’t forget. It started off pretty crappy and although things didn’t get better until July, the year ended on a high that I hope continues throughout 2007. Here are some of the highlights of 2006.


My problems from 2005 leaked over to 2006. Not the best way to start off the year but I learned I wasn’t over everything and I wasn’t ready to start a friendship with my ex. I made a conscious effort to cut off ties and move on.


Another Valentine’s alone. I’m starting to get used to it.


I knew I’d run into her at my friend’s birthday celebration. So I brought the whole posse to back me up. My friends are my support.


April was forgettable. I got my TiVo. I was still being sappy. What else is new?


This is where things got interesting. I was surprised when I was treated to a birthday dinner. Maybe the whole friendship thing might work out sooner than I thought. This also was the beginning of the distraction I so desperately needed.


I reciprocated the birthday dinner. Later in the month, I got what I was totally not expecting. My life got a whole lot more complicated after a simple late night food run and watching Friends on my TiVo.


This probably was the lowest point of the year. By this time, I figured out what happened to me last month. My distraction wasn’t helping out either. This truly was a forgettable month.


This was when my year started to pick up. I started hanging out with new friends and was making the most of the rest of the summer. I adopted the Five Day Plan and I finally ended one of my “losing” streaks.


Hawaii. Best. Vacation. Ever. What else can I say?


My distraction from over the summer mysteriously came back around. Not quite sure what to do, I took it for what it was.


Things from October spilled over into November. For my own safety, I held back as much as I could but I couldn’t help it. Can you tell I’m being as ambiguous as possible?


As I was going through December, I thought it was going to be a craptacular end to a year that I thought was going to end on a positive note. My distraction and I parted ways and I thought I was going to end 2006 the way it started. I got pretty close to friend who was home for winter break. All after playing hooky from work two days in a row. We did know each other for at least a year and a half but we never really hung out for a significant amount of time. And now I can’t seem to stop thinking about her or wanting to talk to her. And she has this knack for constantly making me smile. It’s funny the way things work out in the end.

Here’s to 2007!