★ Late Twenties

My 27th birthday was one of my best in recent memory if not THE best ever. On Sunday, my parents had a family get together at their house in San Diego. Most of the cousins came by and even my high school friends came by for a little bit. One trooper even took the train from Orange County just to make it. I’m surprised she did.

The next day, I was pressured into calling in sick from work and Crystal and I went to Disneyland. We bought season passes which forces us to be friends for at least a year. For dinner, Crystal was going to take me to Citrus City Grill in Old Town Orange. As the hostess was taking us to our table, I wondered why she was taking us to such a large table for only the two of us. I look up and find all my roommates and close friends already waiting at the table. It turns out that Crystal had organized this entire surprise dinner and I had no idea. It’s not the first time I was surprised but it definitely was the most unexpected.

I’m not one for celebrating my birthday but I have to admit that I’m glad this one didn’t go by unnoticed.