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I’ve said this before on this site, but this blog has served as a documentation of my life since this whole site started. Looking at my latest posts, I haven’t had any time to update this site. I will attempt to recap what’s been going on the last time I’ve posted.


For my mini vacation this year, I went out to Chicago to watch Karen graduate from optometry school. This being my 2nd time in 2 years out to visit her, I wasn’t rushing around trying to do all the tourist things. This time around I was able to do things that only locals would know about. I also didn’t mind going since Karen would be moving back home to San Diego and this would be my last chance to visit her while she still lived out there.


After almost three years at my company, I was finally promoted to Outside Sales Engineer. There were times where I was discouraged and thought I would never make my way out of the TA pool. I would slack off at work only to whip myself back into shape knowing what was waiting at the end of the tunnel. Certain things fell into place at work and now I’m my own boss with my own list of accounts working as a commissioned salesman. It feels good to have finally started my career.

Lola Pacing

On July 20th, 2007, our Lola Pacing passed away. As with the passing of my other grandma, I will forever remember that day. I was just getting off work when I got a phone call from my Dad. He had a sense of urgency in his quivering voice. He told me that I come home right away because Lola had passed. It was the first time I had ever heard my Dad cry. I immediately packed a weekend full of clothes and raced down to my cousin Tiff’s house. When I showed up, everyone was there acting like nothing had happened, like we were at a normal family get together.

In the week between her passing and her burial, I had to juggle transitioning into my new position and driving back and forth from LA to SD for the viewings. Although it was very sad to see my Lola go, it was also very inspiring and comforting knowing that my Lola could bring together her entire family from all over the world. Cousins flew in from the Bay Area, the east coast and even as far away as England to be with her before we said goodbye. Even though it was a very sad to say goodbye, spending time with my family made me appreciate and be proud of my family.

In a Relationship

It’s taken me two and a half years but I finally found someone worth settling down with. And as they always say, it happens when you least expect it. After being friends and then close friends for over the past year, my girlfriend and I both acknowledged that spending all this time together led to feelings of more than just friendship. This being my first relationship that developed from a friendship, this is a totally new experience and one that I’m enjoying with everyday that goes by.


And as I type this, I’m on a plane bound for Miami. My best friend Joe is getting married in 2 weeks and we are out here for his bachelor party. This is my first time out in Miami and my first real bachelor party. From what I hear, we have over 100 beers and 5 handles of liquor to get through before the weekend is over. Let’s hope I survive the weekend and am able to continue updating this website.

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