★ MacBook Pro

After 4.5 (!) years of faithful, almost trouble free service, I retired my 12″ Rev. A PowerBook and upgraded to a 15″ 2.4 GHz Core 2 Duo MacBook Pro. As part of my promotion, my company paid for half of a laptop since I’ll need to have a mobile office. After some relatively easy convincing, I was able to talk my IT department into approving a purchase order for my Mac. After trying explain what Boot Camp was, all my IT guy said was, “As long as it connects to our network and doesn’t fuck it up, I don’t care.” I was actually surprised not because of his reaction but more because he didn’t really seem to understand what dual booting was. And this was coming from the head of an IT department in charge of a half a billion dollar company?

Coming from a 1st generation 12″ PowerBook to this Core 2 Duo MacBook Pro is like night and day. These new Intel processors scream when running OS X. Before, running any more than 2 programs caused my PowerBook to feel like molasses, but I can now run 6 or 7 programs AND run Parallels and Windows XP before my MacBook Pro starts to break a sweat. Having the option to virtualize Windows or natively boot is seriously the best thing ever. While I’m at work, I’m in Windows all the time. Once I get home, I reboot into OS X and if by chance, I have to do something work related, I just fire up Parallels and do what I need to get done, and log out. Easy as that. I almost like booting into Windows just for the novelty. Scary.

As my first Mac, I can say I am fully converted because of my experience with that computer. None of my other PCs lasted anywhere near as long as my PowerBook did and it’s still going. I’m looking forward to another 4 years (at least) with my new laptop and I have no doubt that I’ll enjoy every minute using it.

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