★ My Yearly Review: 2007 Version

2007 was a year of change. I got the promotion I was finally longing for at work. That wasn’t the only change at work. We dropped our relationship with Carrier Corporation and started distributing the York brand. A change that is equal to Apple using Intel processors in their computers. It was a huge change that everyone in the industry knew about. This was the year I also went from being “single” to “in a relationship”. Ever since I started these reviews, it helps me look at my year at a glance and lets me remember all the crap that I went through that year. With that, here is what happened in 2007.

My 2007 started out on a high note. I spent NYE in Vegas with a “date” but ended up kissing someone else at midnight (More on that later). I spent most of this month trying not to fall for someone 3,000 miles away. For the most part it worked, but I did feel pretty crappy for about a week.

My first Valentines date in…3 years? Well technically it was an anti-Valentines date but hey, we had dinner on February 14. That counts right?

After Mike got engaged, Crystal lost one of her best roll dogs. Guess who she had lined up as a replacement?

Looking back at my April posts from earlier this year, I see that i was in another one of my yearly April funks. This was sure to change after a weekend of fortunate events. And I have Ronald and my roommates to thank. If it weren’t for my roommates working on the house without telling me, I wouldn’t have called Joe to hang out with him and Ronald in LA to get away. If it weren’t for Ronald wanting to sleep at Mary’s, I wouldn’t have dropped him off in Monterey Park after a night at Busby’s. Then I wouldn’t have needed a place to crash because it was too late, and I was too drunk, to drive home. Then I wouldn’t have called Crystal. And I wouldn’t have spent the whole weekend with her ending with a late night happy hour run where we ended up crossing the friend line. My life has changed from that weekend on.

According to Flickr, I did a lot this month. I was thoroughly surprised when Crystal planned a surprise birthday dinner with my roommates and close friends. Went to Disneyland and got season passes. I went to Chicago with Joe and Mira to watch Karen graduate from Optometry school. Crystal and I went on our first trip together. Vegas during Memorial Day weekend.

A huge bomb was dropped at work when our owners announced that Carrier Corporation tried to buy the company out. We were surpised even more when we were dropping the Carrier line and were now distributing the York brand. This turned out to be a blessing in disguise. This move forced some older employees to retire. And guess who my boss had in mind to replace one of them? The promotion I was looking towards finally came into fruition.

Transition period at work. Got a new laptop. Got a new office. My first bachelor party experience.

Crystal’s birthday week. I planned a impromptu surprise happy hour, took her to the JT concert and to top it all off, a weekend in a huge house in Rosarito. My best friend got married. The first of my close friends.

Halloween. New iPhone.

Struggling with the new position…struggling with other things.

I didn’t let it show, but December was a pretty damn stressful month. Not only was I struggling at work, but also in my relationships. Oh yeah, and there’s that holiday called Christmas thrown in there as well. Work was stressful in two ways; one, I was starting off as a sales engineer, getting to know my accounts and building relationships with my clients. That is hard by itself but I also had to deal with our transition from Carrier to York. Had we stayed with Carrier, my job would be a LOT easier than it is now. But no one ever said life was easy. If I can stick it through this transition, there’s no limit as to how successful I can be with this company. Only I will know how my relationships almost suffered during the period from November to December. I’m grateful that nothing suffered to the point where I lost a relationship. It was a real growing and maturing part of my life and one that will continue throughout 2008. And with that, here’s to another year of looking back.

As a side note, I resolve to post more to this as the days, weeks go by in 2008. This website has served as a valuable record of my life and I can’t let life pass without documenting it like I did before…