★ Limbless For A Week

So a week ago my MacBook Pro fell victim to the nVidia video problem that nVidia has openly admitted. I brought it in to an Apple Store where they told me I’d be without my computer for a week. A WEEK. That’s like telling someone you won’t be able to use your right arm for a week. Not only is this my personal laptop, but also my laptop which I use for work. I figured this has to be done plus I have an assistant back at the office to help me out with all the heavy lifting at work. Everything else could be done on my iPhone. I was about to see if I could survive without my laptop for a week.

So how did it go? About how I expected. As far as work, keeping up with email was no problem. The only problem came when I needed to do work using work software. Having an assistant REALLY helped me out here. Without him, I’d have to borrow someone’s computer every 10-15 minutes doing selections which could get annoying fast. Without having a desktop, I found myself having Yung forward me emails with files attached which I tried to do most of the time. When he wasn’t available or just too busy, I had to use a fax machine. I never found myself using one so much in the one week without my computer.

As for the personal side, having the iPhone really made being without a laptop manageable. With all the apps available on the App Store, there’s an app for everything I do on a desktop, namely, chat, MySpace, Facebook, Twitter and web surfing. Now that I think about it, if not having my laptop is like ripping off my right arm, being without my iPhone would be like ripping out any vital organ. I wouldn’t be able to go a day without it. Not having a cellphone would be impossible because of the nature of my work. I need to be able to be reached at any time and I can’t be at my desk the entire day.

I have to give Apple some credit. When I got my laptop back, I thought there might be some problems since they were swapping out a motherboard. I know Windows usually doesn’t like when that happens but I was surprised when not only the Mac side turned out ok, my Windows partition was ok with the motherboard swap out. I just hope that I never have to go limbless again.