★ All Good Things…

On February 20, 2009, three pretty big things in my life came to an end. Two of the things may seem unimportant but when I really think about it they played a part, not a big part, but a part nonetheless, in my everyday life.

Friday was the last show of Late Night with Conan O’Brien. For those that know me, I’m a pretty decent fan of Conan. I was a fan during his stint as a writer and producer on The Simpsons (the years he was there, I think, were the best years of the show. Ever.) Once he made the jump to Late Night, I hated the fact that I had to sit through Leno before I could watch Conan. And I never really watched the whole show. All I was really interested in was his monologue and the little bit they did before the guests came on. Where some might think his sense of humor and wit comes off as weird and disturbing, I think it’s genius. I loved all his bits on Late Night, from “In The Year 2000” and “If They Mated” to the Triumph, the Insult Comic Dog bits, they all made me laugh and even if they weren’t funny, just his delivery and self deprecation found a way to make it funny. I’m glad that he isn’t going anywhere and that he’s taking over Leno. I’m also glad that he confirmed that even though he’s on earlier at 11:30pm, he’s not going to stop being weird or “too out there” for the wider audience that he’ll be getting. I can’t wait.

Friday, February 20 was also the last episode of Frosty, Heidi and Frank on 97.1 FM. I’ve mentioned before that I hate most radio stations because they get paid to play the same Top 40 crap over and over. An old coworker turned me on to FHF back in 2005 and over the years, I grew to like them more and more. It was definitely better than listening to Power 106, KROQ or god forbid KIIS. The current recession, however, has taken the toll on everyone, even those in radio. KLSX can no longer bring in enough advertising to pay for the current talk radio format and has been forced to switch to a Top 40 format. I know, ANOTHER FUCKING TOP 40 STATION in Los Angeles! What is that? Like six stations?! Seriously, WHAT THE FUCK? That’s another post for another day, however. Frosty, Heidi and Frank were on from 10am to 2pm and while I listened to them at work at my desk, I listened even more once I got promoted to outside sales. I’d be out driving from client to client and I’d be listening to them while I was stuck in traffic. The more I listened, the more I got to know each of their personalities. Frosty was the guy that everyone made fun of because it was so easy but he was loyal and he was still your friend at the end of the day. Heidi was the chick that even though she wasn’t that hot, she wasn’t ugly enough to kick out of your circle of friends so you kept her around just to have a girl around. And Frank was a man’s man. You’d want him as your wingman or as your back up if you were ever to get into a fight. Over the years, I felt like I got to know them and when they went off the air, it was like losing some close friends. Their last show and farewell video almost brought me to tears. Nowadays, it feels weird not tuning in and listening to them from 10a to 2p. Until they end up at their next gig, I have old episodes to hold me over and even though I’ve listened to them before, they still make me laugh.

And finally, on Friday I signed lease papers for my own apartment effectively ending my time at 14512 Mango. Where do I begin? So many memories during my time at this place. In the future, when I think back to this place, it will remind me of my mid-twenties and all the great times we had here. From all the Tuesday/Thursday/Friday/Saturday nights we would all get ready and go out drinking to the annual Thanksgiving and Christmas parties we had with our huge circle of friends, there are WAY too many stories to tell in one blog post. One thing that I do realize is that while it was fun and I wish I can live like that forever, there comes a time to grow up and become more responsible. That doesn’t mean “be boring and never go out”. To me, it means be independent, take care of your shit financially, and find time here and there to maintain the relationships that mean the most to you. Although it’s the end of a great era at Mango, I’m already excited with this new chapter in my life. One thing is for sure, this new chapter has some big shoes to fill.

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