★ Eight Years Old

Eight years ago this month, I signed up for a Blogger account and started this website. I always take time to commemorate this because I’m actually proud that I’ve maintained and updated something throughout the years. However, there was a point in 2008 where I didn’t post from May until November. That was the longest stretch of inactivity for this site. Since then, I’ve made an effort to post more updates. I’ve been pretty consistent by posting at least once a month and I even got around to that long, LONG awaited redesign. It’s safe to say that this design is probably the one I’m most proud of, which might not be THAT pretty, but not bad considering I consider all this a hobby.

While I still have no “real” direction for this site, I’d like to post even more frequently than once a month. As sort of an experiment, I’d like to see how many people I can get to read this site through Twitter. I’ve noticed that whenever I announce new updates through Twitter, page views spike. That’s obviously a no brainer but it’s a lot harder to come up with content to write about than it seems. When I was in college and did this for fun, all I wrote about was all the mundane things I did during the day. Nowadays I write more about things I take interest in, mostly Apple, tech stuff and the occasional interesting web link that I’ll post and then add my own thoughts. I’ll keep doing what I’ve been doing for the past year but with a little more frequency. Previously, when I’ve solely used Twitter to post interesting links that I find, I’ll try to post them to my site first, then add my comments and blast that link to my site over Twitter. I’ve seen some bloggers/Twitterers do this already so I’ll try doing that for awhile.

In 8 years, I’ve written 347 posts. Here are some of my personal favorites.

Best CameraI particularly like this post because it was the first time that I considered any of the pictures that I took as art and posted them as art. The great thing is that they’re from my camera phone. I don’t even use a traditional point and shoot anymore.

2004 Year in Review
This started the yearly tradition of going over everything that happened in the past year.

Guest Blogger
The first and only time I’ve had someone else author a post on my site.

Well I Guess This Is Growing Up
My favorite thing I’ve ever written on this site, not only because of all the reaction it got on Twitter, but of the subject matter and relevance to my life at the time.