★ It’s On

Chrome OS getting deep Flash integration.

“We plan to bring these benefits to Chrome users across all platforms, including Windows, Mac, Linux, and Google Chrome OS,” a Google spokesperson tells me.

This is definitely a direct shot at Apple whose iPad does not support Flash. This could get ugly.

★ Ketchup

When I first started this site, I used to write about all the things I did during college. I used to post frequently but now that I look back, I can’t believe I wrote those things thinking people would actually want to read that I took a final or studied at the library yet again. I got away from that for whatever reason and started posting links or wrote about topics that I found interesting. I’ve always said that I like the fact that this site serves as a digital documentary of my life since college. So every once in awhile I’ll write a post to catch up on what’s going on in this life of mine.

For the first time ever, I’m playing in an organized football league. I’ve always liked watching NFL games and playing football for fun. Now that I’ve gotten a taste of organized “competitive” football, I can see myself doing this every season. In our team’s first season together, we’re a respectable 2-5 in our division but being our first year playing together as a team and having over half of our team having some form of injury doesn’t help us.

Flag Football

This past weekend, we celebrated Lisa’s early birthday and her going away party. She’ll be doing a travel nursing assignment in New York City. A small group of friends came out to The Crosby for dinner and some drinks at my and Nino’s new apartment. More significantly, it was the first time in almost 2 years that the Original Mango house tenants were all together at the same place at the same time. Just goes to show how busy we all are.

OG Mango
Left out

March 13 was the date of the Pacquiao vs. Clottey “non” fight. Aside from that, we watched the main event at Yaz and Edwin’s new loft in Anaheim. Very nice set up. To keep us entertained, because the fight did nothing for us, we took shots of whatever Edwin decided to hand us.

Pacquiao shots
The boys

About a month ago, I moved out of my Apartment 395 into my new place at Apartment 454. Yes, I moved up one floor. It was the easiest move I’ve ever had to do. From the pictures, it looks like the same apartment. In fact, the last picture is the new apartment. It’s the same exact layout but there is now an extra bedroom.

It's about that time again. Moving weekend around the corner.
Apt 395
Apt 454

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★ The Case for AppleCare

Whenever you purchase Apple hardware, it comes standard with a year of service and support. You are also presented the option of extending that service to two or three years with the purchase of AppleCare. When it comes to places like Best Buy, I usually don’t buy their extended warranties because to me, it just seems like another way for them to scam you for money. With my first laptop, I stayed away from purchasing AppleCare because one, I was a broke college student, and two, I thought it was a way for them to squeeze more money out of me.

With my current 15″ MacBook Pro, since my work was paying for half, I went ahead and purchased the AppleCare for it. In retrospect, it was the greatest accessory I bought for my computer. It has saved me on three occasions. Just a little over a year after I first bought my laptop, it suffered from the nVidia video card problem. Had I not bought AppleCare, I would’ve had to pay for the repairs since it occurred after the one year window of the original purchase. That repair paid for the AppleCare by itself. Replacing the entire motherboard easily would’ve cost more than the $350 price of AppleCare. I also brought in my laptop to have the optical drive replaced when it would stop reading CDs and DVDs.

What made me a lifetime advocate of purchasing AppleCare happened earlier this week when my Time Capsule unexpectedly died. I brought it in to the Apple Store expecting that I would have to purchase a new one since the existing warranty was expired. Once he verified the unit had failed, he started looking up my account info. Instead of having to purchase a new Time Capsule, he said since I had purchased AppleCare for my MacBook Pro the Time Capsule was covered under it as well because it was purchased within that 3 year window of coverage. It’s rare that a corporation will go out of its way to do something for the customer. They could have easily made me purchase a new Time Capsule but instead had me leaving as a happy customer. Whenever I plan to buy another piece of Apple hardware, especially a laptop or desktop, I will definitely be adding AppleCare to my purchase.

★ WordPress

First off, welcome to my new website. You might be thinking, it looks the same. But trust me, a LOT has changed behind the scenes. Last week, I made the leap and left my longtime host, Doteasy, and CMS, Blogger, and moved my site to Dreamhost and WordPress. Why did I make the change? As of March 26, Blogger is no longer supporting FTP publishing.

Warning: extremely geeky and lengthy post ahead. Back in 2001, I opened an account on Blogger and started typing away. I first hosted the site for free on tripod.com. Once they force placed ads onto my site, I bought my own domain name and hosted the site at doteasy.com. It was a pretty good deal, you buy your domain name through Doteasy and they provide free hosting. I had Blogger publish updates via FTP and also hosted a couple static pages. To make edits to the static pages and make updates to the site, I accessed my server via FTP. Blogger also published new posts to my site via FTP. So now that Blogger was canceling FTP support, I had to look for a new web host.

I didn’t start off my search looking for a new host, I started by looking for a new CMS. There were only a couple solutions I looked at; Movable Type, Tumblr, and WordPress. I didn’t give MT too much of a shot at all. Tumblr was a little too simple in my opinion. I did have a tiny bit of experience working on a WordPress blog in the past so naturally I went with that. As for my host, I chose Dreamhost because they have reasonable hosting fees and offered one click installation of WordPress.

Once I got familiar with how WP was set up, I backed up my old site, imported my Blogger posts into WP and made sure all the aspects of the old site made it to the new one. It wasn’t perfect. For some reason, about 16 months worth of posts from 2003-2005 weren’t imported. I ended up manually putting them back in which was not fun at all. I still need to finish a few things up, mainly the photos page. Most of the albums I posted were really old HTML (can you say iframes?) and some of the newer ones I just linked to their respective albums on my Flickr page. Once I figure out how I want to display them, I’ll put them back up. I also need to get a real links page up as well. I just need to make a few tweaks here and there but the main content, the blog, is good to go.


★ Sony

How Sony Lost Its Way

Sony became spoiled. For decades, a success in a new media format meant that Sony could expect to make money selling the media itself.

This is the EXACT reason why I don’t like Sony. It all started with their digital cameras. Sure they made sexy hardware but I have to use a MemoryStick? You mean I can’t use the SD card I used in my Canon? The PSP looks cool but if I want to watch movies on it, I have to buy a UMD? Sure they won with Blu-Ray but I don’t think it’ll be as successful as the DVD since I believe we will consume all our entertainment over the Internet some day. The author summed it up best by saying that Sony is “an also-ran who wants to be respected like a market leader.”