★ Apple Special Event

Like they’ve done for the past nine Septembers, Apple has announced a special event where presumably they’ll announce new iPods. There are plenty of rumors stating that they’ll announce an update to the Apple TV, which hasn’t really changed since they announced it in 2006. While I feel that this is a long shot, judging from the flyer of the event, along with updates to the entire iPod line, they’ll announce an update to the iLife software suite with a major emphasis on Garageband. We’ll have to wait and see on September 1st.

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★ A Smartphone Retrospective

Great piece by Marco Arment taking a look at the past three years in mobile technology.

For as much as some people may hate Apple, you can’t deny their impact and influence on any industry it decides to enter.

★ Album Re-review – Stay What You Are

Stay What You Are
Stay What You Are


Artist: Saves The Day

Album: Stay What You Are

Release Date: July 10, 2001

This is my first post where I’m doing a re-review of an album which, I feel, has held up well over the years. I’ve mentioned doing this in an earlier post and chose this album to start this series off. When this album came out, it polarized a lot of their existing fans. Through Being Cool was a lot harder and more upbeat than this one, but that doesn’t mean this album is slow and boring. I have more respect for bands/artists who experiment with different styles and musical influences. It’s real easy to write songs that are about the same subject matter, just change a few arrangements, release the album and call it a day. It’s not so easy to try out new ideas and have your fans like what you release. I feel the band successfully changed their sound with this album while keeping their old fans and gaining new ones.

Stay What You Are is widely considered Saves The Day’s breakout album. They got some radio play with their first single “At Your Funeral”. While it’s a great song, the rest of the album deserves recognition. Their second single, “Freakish”, also got some airplay but isn’t one of my favorites. “Nightingale” is a hidden gem on this album. It’s a hopeful song that can be looked at on different levels. I’m sure everyone can relate to this one line in the song, “I’ll do everything I can, to keep you by my side.”

“This Is Not An Exit” is probably one of my top 3 favorite songs of all time. It has all the criteria that, for me, make a song great; a catchy melody and thoughtful lyrics that anyone who’s been in a relationship can relate to. The last verse of the song best describes the most hopeful and bittersweet way anyone would want a relationship to end.

…the actor in this play
And you walk across the stage,
Take a bow, hear the applause,
And as the curtain falls,
Just know you did it all

The best that you knew how
And you can hear them cheering now.
So let a smile out and show your teeth
cause you know you lived it well

Stand Out Tracks: At Your Funeral, Nightingale, This Is Not An Exit (iTunes links)

Enjoyed Best: While driving by yourself on a summer Sunday afternoon.

★ Inception

I finally had the chance to see Inception last night and the hype is all real. That movie was probably the best science fiction movie I’ve seen since The Matrix. It’s one of those defining films that sets the bar for special effects and multiple level plot lines. I’m definitely buying the DVD when it’s available and that’s saying a lot from someone who thinks physical media is dead.

I’ll probably be posting a lot of Inception links now that I’m obsessed with it. Here’s an interview with the film’s costume designer. I have to admit, watching that movie makes me want to upgrade my wardrobe. Warning: semi-spoilers ahead.

Inception: Jeffrey Kurland Costume Q&A