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Me, Joe and Francis

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★ Aloha, Marathons and Tacos

I realized that it’s been over a month since I’ve posted so I thought I’d check in with some updates.

Los Angeles Rock N Roll Half Marathon

Last Sunday, I ran the inaugural LA Rock N Roll Half marathon. This was my second major event after the San Diego Rock N Roll Full. I ran this a week after returning from Hawaii so I was a little worried I wasn’t going to be in top running shape. I set myself a goal of finishing in 2:30. I surprised myself by finishing in 2:15. The course was much easier than San Diego in terms of elevation changes but I did start to feel my quads tighten towards the end of the course. I know with proper training I can break the 2 hour mark. I now have a little over a month and a half to train for the Las Vegas Rock N Roll Full.

Dos Chinos

Finally, a little over a month a ago, my favorite food truck tweeted that they needed some extra help during some of their food runs. I replied back and met them downstairs while they were in the area. I was only expecting to talk to them about how often they would need help and how I would be compensated. Next thing you know, I’m taking orders and handing out food to customers.

What started out as a cool thing to do two days out of the week is starting to turn into part time gig. At first I was kind of ashamed to say that I started working on a food truck. But gourmet food trucks are all the rage and once I started mentioning it to people they always responded with something positive. It really is kind of a neat gig. I get to eat not only our own truck’s food, but I’ve sampled a lot of Orange County’s other food trucks including The Lime Truck, Calbi BBQ, Trop Shave Ice and Dogzilla just to name a few. It’s really cool to see what goes on inside a food truck and within the entire gourmet food truck industry. I’ve met a lot of interesting people and loyal customers. I’ve even been recognized outside of our truck.

If you see Dos Chinos visiting a spot near you, try to stop by and say hi to the person taking your order.