★ My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy

My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy

Kanye West released My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy on November 22. My site was offline when it was released but I wanted to write down my thoughts on his latest album.

I don’t care what your opinion is on Kanye West, the person, but Kanye West, the artist, is one of the most brilliant artists today. When his last album came out, I wrote that he was a true artist and releases music that means something to him and doesn’t stick to the same formula from album to album. The same is true with this album. Everyone remembers his auto tuned 808s and Heartbreaks because it was a huge departure from anything he released before. With this album, he does use auto tune and he does a fair share of singing but not to the extent on his previous album. Prior to this albums release, Kanye teased the album in the form of a 30 minute long short film with excerpts from 9 songs from the album. And it wasn’t just slapped together last minute; it is a real genuine short film with a plot, dialogue, a well known director, Hype Williams, and of course, the amazing soundtrack. It was the perfect way to build anticipation for the album’s release.

The album is great from beginning to end. It flows perfectly from one track to the next; this is one album that you definitely should NOT skip any tracks or listen shuffled. The production is perfect, the beats hit hard and the lyrics fresh and witty. “All of the Lights” is easily the most radio friendly and I expect it to dominate the airwaves soon. If “All of the Lights” is the most pop friendly, I think “Monster” truly shows what Kanye is capable of. It features Jay-Z, Nicki Minaj and Rick Ross. His verse easily tops Jay-Z’s in my opinion. I doubt Jay would purposely out do Kanye on his own track but I can’t think of a Jay-Z song with a comparable verse.

I don’t listen to a lot of hip hop, but Kanye is one of my favorite artists in the genre and his latest album is easily my album of the year.

★ Backing Up

I’m a proponent of backing up data. This usually means your computer’s hard drive but this also applies to many different places. A couple of weeks ago, I was tinkering around with my website and I tried to change something that I wasn’t supposed to be changing. Next think you know, I refresh my site only to find an empty page. I’m no PHP wizard so I’m not exactly sure how I messed things up. I also wasn’t sure how to fix it either. Luckily everything you see here is backed up somewhere else. In fact, I even have the original incarnation of my site, which I hosted on Blogger up until this year, backed up on my computer. It wasn’t exactly an easy task to bring everything back but the most important parts, the images, layout and posts, were archived so I didn’t lose any data. Another disaster easily avoided by simply backing up data.