★ Beginning

Shawn Blanc goes full time with his web site. I’ve been reading his site for as long as I can remember and I couldn’t be more happy and jealous for him. I was even featured on his site. I hope one day that I can follow him and do something I am passionate about. Good luck Shawn.

★ Warmfuzzy

Over the weekend, DJ Neil Armstrong performed at U-31 in San Diego. I’d seen him perform last year at Grand Star in LA’s Chinatown. If there’s any chance for me to see a performance, I’ll make the effort to see him. When he announced that he was going to spin in my hometown, I had to go and of course, he didn’t disappoint. When I saw him in LA last year, he just released The DNA of the Blueprint so his set was very Jay-Z centric. This set wasn’t concentrated on any one artist but about halfway through he played the intro to Dark Fantasy and the whole place just went nuts. He finished up the set with another Kanye song, “Runaway”. Perfect song to end an awesome set.

This morning, Neil tweeted out a link to Warmfuzzy. This was the first of his mixtapes I was introduced to and he appropriately tweeted out a link to it since today is Valentine’s Day. It’s billed as the perfect mix to give to someone you’re with or currently into. It was released in 2005 which was an ETERNITY ago if you think about it. This was before Twitter, MySpace was still relevant, Facebook was barely a year old and before Neil became a relative household name as Jay-Z’s tour DJ. As a courtesy, he has reposted the link to all the late comers who may have missed it back in 2005. It’s kind of amazing that something almost 6 years old is just as listenable now as it was back then.

Neil Armstrong at U-31

★ The Hood Internet Volume 5

The Hood Internet released volume 5 of their series of “mixtapes”. I have all four previous versions and this one does not disappoint. This release includes a fair amount of electronic and dubstep which is seemingly more and more popular these days.  Overall another solid release.