★ Squarespace Introduces Version 6

I’ve been looking more and more at Squarespace. Especially with all those ads on the 5by5 shows. I like the level of control I have using WordPress but I’m also intrigued by the ease of use with Squarespace. Squarespace has been described as “the Apple of content management”. I also know that I went from being a PC guy that built his own PCs to an Apple enthusiast who prefers the vertical integration Apple offers.

I’m currently building another site using Squarespace so it’ll be a good test to see if it has everything I need to host and manage this site.

★ “Are You Getting It?”

When Steve jobs introduced the iPhone in 2007, he teased the crowd by initially saying they were announcing three revolutionary products that day: a widescreen iPod with touch controls, a mobile phone and a breakthrough Internet communications device. We all now know that he was really talking about one product. The iPhone was all three of these things. When you look back at that keynote, which was arguably Jobs’ best keynote, the thing that got the biggest reaction from the crowd was the phone part of the tease. For years, the tech world was waiting for Apple to make a cell phone.

Looking back at the iPhone introduction, the part of the keynote that got the least cheers (2:06), the Internet communications device, is obviously the feature of the device we use the most. The phone aspect (1:52) got the most reaction. Five years later, we should all have been cheering for the Internet communications device part since that is what we use the iPhone for most.

Gruber wrote a great piece on the iPhone’s disruption of multiple industries. He argues that the iPhone didn’t disrupt the mobile phone industry; it destroyed it by disrupting the computer industry. Its success was not because it was the best cell phone, but because it was the best portable computer. We had no idea that we’d be here today and it’s all because the iPhone was not only a mobile phone, but more importantly, it was the Internet communications device we never knew we needed.

Five years later, we’re finally getting it.