Macworld 2013

This year, I’ll be attending Macworld. I’ve been wanting to attend for as long as I’ve been an Apple fan. Now that I live in the Bay Area, the conference is just a short drive away.

Apple used this event to launch a lot of their products. Most notably, six years ago, they announced the original iPhone. While Apple no longer has an exhibit at the show, a lot of software and third party accessory makers will show their latest products.

I’ll be attending mostly to see if any useful apps catch my attention. I only have one full day to take it all in. If anyone is there on Friday, send me a message.

How to Setup Contacts on Your Mac

Stephen Hackett over at has a great write up on how to set up Gmail, Contacts and Calendars on your Mac.

This is great overview on how to set this up if you use Google’s services. If you use another service for email, I can help set those up as well.

Must Download Apps

The holiday season is now past us and I look forward to this new year helping a lot of new iOS users. Over the holiday, I’m sure a ton of people received new iPhones or iPads as gifts and need help setting them up or loading them up with apps. There are more than a couple articles that outline the best apps to download for your new iPhone or iPad. I’ve linked them below for your convenience.

The Verge – The 13 Best Apps For Your New iPhone

The Verge – The 11 Best Apps For Your New iPad

iPad Mini Apps: The 13 Best Apps That Any New iPad Or iPad Mini Owner Should Download Immediately

Updated 01-19-2013

Ars readers recommend apps for your new iPad or iPad mini

I hope this gets everyone started on getting the most out of their new iOS device. I’ll keep this list updated as I come across more articles. Enjoy!