A new “thought collecting” app was released today by an all star team of designers and developers. John Gruber, Dave Wiskus and Brent Simmons have formed Q Branch and Vesper is their first product. It does one thing and one thing well: it let’s you quickly jot down thoughts. That’s it. I personally use Simplenote for all my note taking, but just the fact that three well known people in the nerd/geek community have collaborated to make an app, I can’t help but give it a shot.

Check out Vesper in the App Store.

On Television

A few posts back, I wrote a piece on cutting cable. Over at stratechery, a relatively new blog by Ben Thompson, he wrote an excellent three part series on television. In it, he talks about the current problem with TV, why it is so hard for someone to come in and disrupt the industry and his thoughts on what could disrupt the entertainment industry.

 Imagine a $99 “console” with an optional $49 controller and an App Store. That’s a lot of potential escapism, and a lot of user attention. It’s a lot of margin too, at least at high volumes. I think it’s a space where a company that thinks different could have a “a significant contribution” and “crack” TV by not, in fact, being a TV at all.

Overall an incredibly well thought out and well written series. All of his other posts are just as insightful. As for his prediction, WWDC is a week away. We’ll see what Apple has in store.