The Sweet Setup

This week, Shawn Blanc launched his latest website, The Sweet Setup. It highlights the best apps for your iPhone, iPad or Mac. There are great apps out there and Shawn helps you discover them and get the most out of your iOS device. This is a site to be bookmarked and I’m sure I’ll be linking to a lot of their articles in the future. 

Retina iPad Mini

On Tuesday, Apple quietly started selling the new retina iPad mini. There have been rumors to it being supply constrained at launch so this is a way for Apple to start selling it but not disappoint people who may have lined up for it. 

I’ll be sure to start linking reviews as they come in. I have a feeling this is the iPad to get this holiday season. 

The Verge

“It’s gorgeous. Text looks like it’s printed on paper, details in photos come through crisp and clean, and everything about the mini just looks better.”

The Loop

“The new iPad mini is just as powerful as the iPad Air, both have a Retina display, long battery life, and many other features that make the iPad the best-selling tablet on the market.”


“The iPad mini with Retina display addresses every weakness of the previous model. It’s the iPad mini Apple probably wished it could have made in 2012, but just couldn’t.”

Target Offering $200 For iPad Trade In

From now until November 9, you can trade in any iPad at Target for at least $200. This is a great deal especially if you have a 1st generation iPad. Target usually only gives you $65 for the three year old device, but through this special promotion, you can get at least $200. You get the value of your iPad in the form of a Target gift card but you can use it towards the purchase of a new iPad, or anything at Target if you’d like. The iPad must be able to turn on and the screen must be free of any scratches.

You can trade in your iPads at any Target with a Mobility Store inside. You can find the closest Target Mobility Store here