Rdio is Now Free on the Web

I first discovered Rdio in 2011. Streaming music was a new idea at the time and not a lot of people were willing to pay for a subscription to listen to music they didn’t own. Three years later, things are a bit different and a lot of people exclusively listen to music streaming through Pandora or Spotify.

I prefer Rdio because of their focus on music discovery. The service makes it easy to find new music based on your musical tastes. Rdio is now offering a free tier to their listening options. In my opinion, it is the best option for streaming music. Check it out at rdio.com.

★ Year In Review: 2013

Our dinner reservations were at 6:30pm meaning we had to leave the apartment by 6:15 at the latest. We’re not ones who crave attention so I know I didn’t want to do it at dinner. I didn’t want a whole restaurant looking at me while I was proposing. So if I was going to do it, I had to do it before we left. I didn’t have a speech written down or anything memorized. I figured I was going to say what was on my mind. My biggest worry was how was I going to bring it up.
My original plan was to say, “I bought you something for your birthday, but I want you to wear it to dinner” but I knew that was kind of cheesy and lame. If I wasn’t already nervous, I was starting to stress out because my window of asking her before we left for dinner was starting to close.

Malia loves to play dress up and loves to help her mom get ready. While Mary was putting on her makeup, Malia was being helpful in picking out her accessories. “Mommy, you should wear a necklace,” she said.

“Mommy, you should wear these earrings to dinner.”

My heart started pounding even harder as I knew that this was my best chance to propose to Mary. I motioned Malia to come closer to me.

“Malia” I whispered, “ask Mommy if she wants to wear a ring.” Malia had been asking for years when her mom and I would get married. A few months earlier, I asked Malia if she was ok with me asking her mom to marry me. Her eyes lit up as she walked to her mom who was busy putting on her makeup.

“Mommy, do you want to wear a ring to dinner?” Malia asked.

“No, that’s ok,” replied Mary.

It’s true what they say. Your mind really goes blank as you’re asking the love of your life to marry you. I had an idea of what I wanted to say but I was all caught up in the moment. I don’t think any words were able to come out. Malia saw me get down on one knee and asked, “What are you doing?”

“I’m asking your mommy to marry me,” I said.

Once Mary turned around and saw me on one knee, all she could say was, “Shut. Up.”

Malia, being the bad word police, said, “Mommy! You said a bad word.”

The next few seconds were a blur, but from what I remember, I finally gathered my words and asked Mary if she wanted to marry me.

She said yes.

I’ve said in my previous reviews that something bigger and more exciting happens than in the previous year. The pattern held true again this year. I proposed to Mary and we’re now engaged. A lot of other things happened this year. More friends and family got married and a few others welcomed new life into theirs. And still others received news that they were going to become new parents. But for us, looking back, 2013 will be the year that I asked my girlfriend to become my wife.

She said yes.