★ Six

Dear Lia,I first met you when you were two years old, turning three. You weren’t potty trained, I could barely understand your toddler talk, and you wouldn’t let me carry you or take you out of your car seat.

Today you turn six years old. Six! You get homework from school and I help you finish it when we get home. You’re getting better at writing. You learned how to read this year. You still have a hard time and it frustrates you AND me, but you work hard at it and always ask me to help you by giving you little hints on the words you get stuck on. You love to play at the park with our bubbles, balloons and Tinkerbell flying toy. And you love Frozen.

Mommy told me a story when you two were playing with the balloons and when one of them popped, Mommy got startled. She said that you told her not to be scared. “You should be more like Jay; awesome, strong and brave.”

Every day that passes, I’m thankful that you’ve accepted me in your life and into your mom’s life. I still get warm and fuzzy feelings whenever you reach for my hand when crossing the street, when you ask to be carried (even though I tell you we can’t carry you anymore), when you ask to sit on my lap, when you say “I just wanna be with you”. I can go on.

It’s been a crazy ride watching you grow from when I first met you to now. I’m so proud of the little girl you’ve become. Don’t ever change. Happy birthday Lia Bear.


Google Releases Sheets, Docs

Last week, Google released new standalone apps for its online word processing and spreadsheet app. Sheets and Docs are the new apps you can download for your iPhone or iPad. Once you download them, you can edit your Google documents you have online on your iPhone or iPad. Any changes are synced. Previously you could only view or edit your Google docs via the Google Drive app which doesn’t really make any sense. Having separate apps makes it clear what each app is supposed to do. 

Download the apps in the App Store