Tim Cook Leads Different

Regarding Apple Campus 2, Apple’s new campus currently under construction in Cupertino:

Visible in the distance are Apple’s existing Cupertino campus, downtown San Jose, and Levi’s Stadium, where the San Francisco 49ers play and which, incidentally, would fit into the 30-acre park that will be at the center of the main spaceship building.

San Francisco from 7,500 feet

Vincent Laforet takes amazing pictures of cities from 7,500 feet in the air from a helicopter. He’s done pieces on New York and Las Vegas. He recently photographed San Francisco. 

“And then there’s the grid of downtown… WOW is all that I can say.  This is such a truly linear city on the one hand –  yet this perfect 45 degree clash of grids is unlike anything I’ve ever seen before!

Some city planners clearly had a wicked sense of humour when they clashed the two grids near Market Street.  I’ve never seen anything like it yet anywhere else…”

Wait, But Why?

Tim Urban writes at the awesome site, Wait But Why. He’s written some of my favorite pieces, including: The Fermi Paradox, Artificial Intelligence (Part 1 and Part 2), and the 10 Types of Odd Friendships You’re Probably Part Of. He was interviewed at Fast Company and talks about the Buzzed-ification of the Internet and what it takes to obtain and retain loyal readers.

If you can blow someone’s mind—really, genuinely blow it, again, in a really well-written way—then that’s something they want to share.

I discovered Wait But Why by stumbling upon their series of visiting random places. I found the articles super interesting and signed up for their newsletter. Every article they post is a must read. Since adding this to my RSS feed, I’ve read a lot of their articles. I could seriously spend a whole afternoon reading, and rereading, their posts. If you’re in any way fascinated by North Korea, if we are alone in the universe, or the future of the human race, look no further.

The Evolution of Steve Jobs

There will forever be books and pieces written about Steve Jobs. He was the Henry Ford of my generation. Most portray him as a harsh dictator who wasn’t afraid to tell people what was on his mind. Fast Company looks at how Steve evolved as a CEO, especially in his second act:

Despite his reputation as a tyrannical micromanager, Jobs maintained an excellent and relatively stable executive team during his second tenure at Apple. The more mature and confident he became, the more he surrounded himself with strong, opinionated executives who felt comfortable arguing with him. This was something he had learned during his exile from Apple.

Zoolander 2

Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson announced Zoolander 2 in the only way possible. At Paris Fashion Week.

Serious Eats on Chicken Arroz Caldo

First lechon kawali, now Serious Eats tackles arroz caldo, one of my favorite Filipino dishes.

There were a lot of attractive elements to the dish. For starters, it was quick to put together: from store to plate, I had it done in under an hour. The flavor was appealing, even to my then uninitiated palate—with the addition of ginger, garlic, and fish sauce, it basically tastes like a really good chicken and rice soup with a distinct Filipino/Asian profile. It was also incredibly hearty, making it suitable as an entire meal or a starter or snack in smaller portions.

New Theory Suggest Humans and Wolves Eliminated Neanderthals

A new theory suggests that the combination of modern humans and newly domesticated wolves helped wipe out Neanderthals.

Modern humans formed an alliance with wolves soon after we entered Europe, argues Shipman. We tamed some and the dogs we bred from them were then used to chase prey and to drive off rival carnivores, including lions and leopards, that tried to steal the meat.

“Early wolf-dogs would have tracked and harassed animals like elk and bison and would have hounded them until they tired,” said Shipman. “Then humans would have killed them with spears or bows and arrows.

“This meant the dogs did not need to approach these large cornered animals to finish them off – often the most dangerous part of a hunt – while humans didn’t have to expend energy in tracking and wearing down prey. Dogs would have done that. Then we shared the meat. It was a win-win situation.”

The Story of Crossy Road

At this year’s Game Developer Conference, developers Matt Hall and Andy Sum talk about their hit app, Crossy Road.

They revealed that, 90 days after its release, Crossy Road’s combination of solid gameplay, unobtrusive in-app purchases, and optional in-app ads powered by the Unity engine, has earned $10 million from 50 million downloads.

Great for them.